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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Butterfly House Flies Away

On Easton Patch yesterday, I told you that Northampton County Exec John Stoffa has put a hold on a $25,000 Council grant intended for Butterfly House Founder Anne Houston. Stoffa's action is a response to concerns raised by Ron Angle, after learning that Houston has no lease, no credentials, no nonprofit and no real connection to the UAM church that actually owns the properties on Easton's South Side. Angle had also questioned $100,000 in judgments against Houston, as well as her own recent eviction from a home in Forks Township.

Yesterday afternoon, Houston called to tell me that she was just presented with a wonderful opportunity and is giving up on The Butterfly House.

Before Council pays sugar daddy to someone else, it's time to abolish the contingency fund.


Bill Coker said...

What kind of "wonderful opportunity" could possibly cause an altruistic, civic minded, person like Anne Houston to give up a dream position like the Butterfly house? Who gave it to her? With her connections, she may be the next pope.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Butterfly House article, Anne Houston should hang her head in shame....but she has no shame, con artist, and users never do. Her scheme to steal money from Easton tax payers is a disgrace. Hoefully, that $50,000 will be given to someone who will put it to good use. Ms. Houston was out for her own personal gain, as she always is. Mr. Angle may be outspoken, but he did his homework and saved the city from being made a fool of. And, the other question, is why did she get evicted from the home in Forks Township, I think there are a lot of unanswered questions there. She used the kindness of a friend for her own personal gain. Well, Ms. Houston, the joke is on you. Pack up and get out of town. If I were you, I would be ashame to show my face anywhere in this city. And, the comment you made leaving Council Chambers....I have bridge for sale, anyone want to but it. You made fools out of everyone in that room that voted for you...except one...because he saw through you.

Anonymous said...

the personal attacke on Anne Houston are totally necessary. She is a good person who works hard for other people. Yes she had financial problems but who today doesn't. Let's face it is you had money before this recession you are doing okay but if you were just a working stiff before this downturn you are really hurting today.

You have no evidence of why she was evicted or what the circumstances were but Annon 10:38 and this blogger think they know. I do know and it wasn't smart to rent from a friend without a lease. You see that's what happens to good people who do for others. The others tend to forget.

I give her credit -- she knows the recividism rate in Norhtampton County is killilng taxpayers. Sure Angle will throw tons of money at incarceration only to spend it again opn the same inmates who can't transition into the non-prison world because no one is there to help them. I've seen Ms. houston work with these females and she does indeed help them with a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

"You made fools out of everyone in that room that voted for you...except one...because he saw through you."

He saw through here as though he was looking in the mirror. The way you put it, she is no better than he is.

Anonymous said...

Angle did good on this one for the tax payers.

While I don't always agree with his positions on things, kudos to you on this one! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

The bigger issue here is that Gilbert rammed this through without proper due diligence, other Council members except Angle didn't ask questions, and Ms. Houston either misrepresented herself or lied, depending on your viewpoint.

Anon 541pm, you have a point - there may be more to this than we know. But Ms. Houston not being open about it automatically turns that information negative.

Bernie is right - this fund has to go.

The Banker

Bernie O'Hare said...

Banker, Believe me, there is more to this story. It's like an onion. Since Holmes is moving on, I wish her luck. I would hope that Council would finally, once and for all, end its contingency fund. If someone has an emergency, he can ask the Exec and there is a provision in the Charter for emergency ordinances.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Keep the Contingency just have better Council people. The baggers are pissed because their saviours proved to be all too human with feet of clay.

Gilbert, Cusik and the rest are as spendthrift as anyone. I do not believe County Council should go begging to the Executive for things it feels are important. Neither did O'Hare until Stoffa became ruler.

Just use better judgement. Now every idea Emperor Ron has are brilliant.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Spoken like someone used to using the contingency fund to help his pals.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonmous 5:41. You apparently must not know Ann Spaziani Houston as well as everyone else knows her. I graduated with her, was friends with her and can't believe what she has turned out to be....a con artist!!! I think this time she got caught with her hands in the County cookie jar! Imagine lying to County Council just to benefit and to create a job for herself. Don't we wish we could all do that....but some of us have morals! Imagine cheating tax payers out of $50,000. How can anyone say that she is a person with good intentions...yes, to benefit herself and only herself! She could care less about being kind and good to people in need, she used the innocents of people who would be trying to get their lives back on track and made a mockerary of them. If something is for free, she will find it and never look back, and she just proved it! Don't you think that what Houston has done warrants for criminal charges? She has lied to County officials to obtain money for her own person use. Anyone else would have had charges brought against them, she is no better. She knows how to get around the system but her game may be over soon. She may have fallen on financial hardships, but does that give her the right to steal from the public? How low can you get. In this recession, we are all having some type of financial problems, but you don't see us making up fake non-profit organizations for our onw personal gain. Ron Angle may be outspoken, but he is looking out for the tax payers of this community. A pat on the back for Ron! If this money was given to her, she would probably be off somewhere in a warm climate, sitting on a beach, having a drink with a long straw and and writing a book on how I screwed the County out of $50,000! And, this woman in Forks Twshp, they were friends....well 5:41, would you screw someone who helped you in your time of need? Houston was given a roof over her head....and in turn she used and abused a friend. P.S. this was not a personal attack on Houston....it's the truth finally coming to a head, and she got caught!

Anonymous said...

The bottom line here taxpayers is that Angle should be commended not condemmed.He had the forsight to recognize a scam brought before him and other unresponsible council members wanted to show their teeth with their newly elected positions to shove it. (you know where) Any responsible council member should have supported Angle and called for a full investigation on Anne (madoff) Houston's requests that were lies to the prison board and County Council.This was a embarassment to NORCO and all other council members. At the next meeting they will have to explain their swift actions to shove their power plays down our throats. (GULP) Let's face it,We all want to see the repeat offenders have an opportunity to change their lives and be productive citizens and alot of them have suffered consequences in their lives that we can not immagine,which brought them to bottom out,but and a big BUT is that this was a MUTINY attempt to help the good ol' boys relatives get a piece of the"action" and create a well paying position at the taxpayers expense. Mr. Gilbert was percieved as a new coucil member with honest intentions.It will take a long time to trust his judgements again. As Mrs. Houston moves on in her next vocation as POPE Let us all bow our heads and pray she finds some truth syrum. As the saying goes"Figures don't lie but liars figure" We need to all keep a close watch on the next turn of events that this "good" woman bestows on her next victim. Mr. Angle needs to be vindicated.He was correct in his judgements and I think he should run for county controller.Let the boys on council get Fleeced by the Anne Spaziani Houston's that will form a communion line in front of them and let her PASS the collection plates.wHAT A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!

Anonymous said...
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