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Monday, January 24, 2011

Geoff Brace Running For Lehigh County Comm'r

Last year, Geoff Brace was one of the dirty dozen, twelve Democrats seeking appointment to Commissioner Bill Leiner's vacant seat. Dean Browning and Dan McCarthy voted for Geoff, but Dean switched to Bill Hansell the second time around, and Bill is now the Commissioner VP.

Geoff told me then that he's decided to run for the job this year. His campaign web page, located here, contains three simple messages: fiscal responsibility; more private sector jobs that pay real wages; and protecting our communities, not just from crime, but special interests.

A center-city Allentown resident, Geoff is a Lehigh County native who has devoted his career to community revitalization. During his days with Pennsylvania's Downtown Center, he crisscrossed the state, making mostly smaller communities aware of and assisting them with programs to improve their communities. Currently, Geoff is helping engineer the revitalization of Weird Kutztown as Executive Director of their Community Partnership.

Brace will formally announce his campaign for Lehigh County Commissioner later this month.

His campaign will be managed by Dean Browning's nemesis, Pip the Mouse.


Anonymous said...

He is also one of the Pawlowski young pups.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hardly. Geoff is, and always has been, his own man. I'm sure you'll see that for yourself once the campaign swings into gear.

He and Dean would be an excellent combination. And if Vic runs and wins, it would be a dream team.

Anonymous said...

Always promoting the status quo ... The same people retrenched

Anonymous said...

Does Geoff have a real job ? Does Geoff just want to inflate his resume ?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Brace a flaming lib?