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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Plea to Anonymous Commenters

"I really wish people would take monikers if they want to remain anonymous so that we can follow these threads more easily!"

That's a suggestion from popular Easton Neighbors blogger Noel Jones. If you give yourself a name, it's easier to tell who made which comment.


Synonymous said...

Rules suck.

Anonymous said...

I concur!!

Sir Harden Thicke

Boo Yah said...

sure, that'll work for me!

Anonymous said...

And, eventually, folks will know exactly from whence and whom the comments come. Better to attain some sense of truth with an anonymous comment, than no truth at all. The biting, sarcastic, cynical, and hyperbolic comments are easy to see through, even with anonymity.

Jon Geeting said...

Maybe bloggers should start giving the anonymous commenters nicknames they won't like, to speed up this process.

Monkey Momma said...

Speaking of anonymity on the internet, I came across something interesting recently. Have you heard of Spokeo.com? It might surprise folks to see what information has been gathered and made public on the internet on this site.

Apparently, Spokeo gathers all kinds of information, including comments on purchases made on web stores.

I am not sure anonymity is really available on the internet, no matter what your moniker might be online.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I just went there and typed in "Monkey Momma." You came up clean.

For me, my home address and cell phone # popped up right away. They know my age, hobbies, income, net worth, etc. This is something. For $2.95 per month they'll give it to me about anyone.

noel jones said...

The ability to maintain anonymity really isn't the point, here. There is no way for a blogger to trace an anonymous comment (that I know of)--the police and FBI can, but you'd really have to get into some trouble to bring that on yourself.

But even if you don't trust that, and you think that anonymous comments ARE traceable by bloggers or others, it's a moot point, because it wouldn't matter whether the comment had a moniker, or was just called "Anonymous".

Monikers make it possible to get to know the perspectives of one anonymous reader/commenter over time, and to be able to follow threads in a conversation where a lot of voices are involved.

Don't worry, Synonymous-it's clearly not a "rule", or everyone would have a moniker already. It's simply a request, and fully within your control...

Anonymous said...

I am ready to face the what comes. As a southerner I am tough.

Bo Kakey