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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Local Gov''t Reactions to Arizona Tragedy

On Monday night, when the combined legislatures of Lehigh and Northampton County met as the LV Health Commission, visitors were greeted by brand-spankin' new metal detectors. No mention was made of the Arizona slaughter. On Tuesday night, Hanover Tp's Board of Supervisors started their meeting with a moment of silence for the people who were senselessly slaughtered. Before the meeting, a supervisor held the door open for members of the public.

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Anonymous said...

Locally I call for Ron Angle to have a mental health evaluation. He is exhibiting signs simular to the shooter. And if you think this is a joke you are wrong. No one acted on the shooters behalf, Ron seems to be unhinged lately, with the outbursts and vial name calling. These are the early signs.