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Monday, January 17, 2011

LVPoliblog Defends Angle Against Anonymous Venom

LVPoliblogger Chris Casey and I have traded barbs about the Northampton County Bulldog, Ron Angle, on more than one occasion. I'm a fan. He's not.

But Chris has actually defended Angle from the online anonymous venom being hurled at him in recent weeks. It has been brutal, not just here, but at The Express Times and Morning Call, too.

"I want to share a few thoughts about people posting anonymous comments on blogs and other online media. I sign my name to my comments, but I respect those who use pseudonym's to protect their jobs or personal lives. I don't respect those who use pseudonyms to launch hate attacks.

"I write this regarding the venom launched at Northampton County Councilman Ron Angle on the blogs. I don't agree with Ron's antics, and I find him somewhat annoying. But he doesn't shirk from taking on hard issues or sticking with personal opinions many of us find distasteful. I frankly find him grating, and mostly a pompous ass. But I respect him, and when I criticize him I put my name to it.

"I think that if you are not willing to sign your name you shouldn't post an attack. I think much of the comments that are posted are only intended to provoke responses with their sheer outrageousness.

"All I am saying is that it is one thing to post a reasonable comment anonymously because you need to keep your privacy, and another to do it anonymously just so no one can call you on your stupidity."

Because he is an elected official, I allow all but the most outrageous comments to stand. Apparently, for some people, all this concern about toxic rhetoric only applies to Democrats.
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