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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Did Bethlehem City Council Do in 2010?

Bethlehem City Council President Bob Donchez, during the January 18 meeting, reported on Council's work during 2010. It adopted 48 ordinances and adopted 201 resolutions.

By ordinance, it revised fees in its Uniform Construction Code; continued the Environmental Advisory Council; prohibited the use of hand-held cell phones while driving; increased membership on the Zoning Hearing Board from three to five members; continued the LERTA program through 2012; strengthened financial reporting requirements; and imposed a .75 mill tax increase dedicated to a new EMS facility and fire pumper.

By resolution, it expanded the DCED to consider landmarks and property of historical interest; renamed the ice rink to Earl E. Shaffer ice rink; supported construction of facilities at the Monocacy Complex; increased fees for skating, swimming, pavilions, summer camp, golf, and recycling; approved a new, 3-year, 911 plan; approved an inter-municipal liquor license transfer to new Woody's Pizza and Sports Bar on Easton Avenue; approved a working woodlands program; and approved changes to the Artsquest TIF agreement.


Patrick McHenry said...

Bernie -

Something to consider:

Bethlehem passed 48 new ordinances, PA surely passed even more new laws than that and the Federal government surely passed still more. All in a year's time.

Some, I'm sure were needed. Many others, I'm sure, were not.

Realizing this and looking at the sheer number of new laws passed - IN JUST ONE YEAR, affecting all aspects of people's lives - I hope you can understand why so many feel there is too much government, and why we need to get back to the limited-government principles that this country was founded on.

Anonymous said...

Every new law creates a new group of law-breakers. This way, we're all guilty until proven innocent.

Anonymous said...


google Rep. Steve Cohen


Just another load of B.S. from Obama and the Democrats...

Anonymous said...

I am an employee of the government, and therefore choose to post anonymously to protect my identity. That being said, as a resident of Bethlehem, I become more and more frustrated with each passing day that despite the fact, as stated by our politicians, that the revenue gained by the Bethlehem Sands was going to lower taxes for residents. Now as a sound adult, I didn't expect my taxes to go down, but I certainly didn't expect to skyrocket either! In the year 2011 my county taxes will go up by 16.1% and my city taxes now are expected to go up by .75 mills. Also, look at the atrocity that has already been posted in regards to the school system. As a resident I ask, WHERE IS THE CASINO REVENUE, WHERE ARE THE PROMISES YOU MADE. I am sick and tired of paying higher taxes without making a higher wage.