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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who's Running For McHale's Seat?

As we all know, Ann McHale has decided to call it a day on Northampton County Council when her term expires at the end of this year. Who will replace her?

McHale's District 1 includes Bethlehem, Hanover and Hellertown.

On the Democratic side I know former Council member Ladd Siftar is in the hunt, and have just heard that Controller Steve Barron is planning to run, too. That actually makes sense. Having been censured by Council for his threatening behavior towards non-union T-Mobile, he likely would lose in a county-wide race. But he stands a chance if he runs for Council in a heavily Democratic district.

I met a Republican candidate at last night's Bethlehem City Council meeting. His name is Seth Long, age 29. He's employed as a Paramedic and is an Iraqi war vet, having served in the Marines. He's also quiet and somewhat reserved, like most Bethlehem candidates.

On paper, Seth already looks better than what's on the Democrat's menu.


Anonymous said...

Hey bernie he is a ambulance chacer he is okey but td who is becoming a parametic is not ok. BO your are the only one who can talk out of all sides of your mouth at the same time and not say anything.Why is a dem. so woried about the rep. party maybe you should change partys.

Anonymous said...

Steve Barron you forget we were there. the bulldog and his lap blanket, tried once to ask him to quit an elected position, but when that did not go through they had asecond one ready. Nothing like being prepared. He is elected not appointed, they had no right to do either one.

Anonymous said...

The Dem's are really desperate. I believe Siftar has numerous dui's and even a PFA on his resume. Steve Barron distinguished himself by his "I can make you suffer", speech to an independent businessman. He has shown no temperament for elected office with his arrogant style. He slept during the run up to Gracedale than had the audacity to make a shameless play for the unions. However, I still think he will run for Controller. A decent and funded Republican would crush him County wide.

Can a Republican win in District One? Possible, if this is the best the D's can muster. I had heard of more names but I guess they are off the table.

The problem with the Democratic leadership is that experience, temperament and electability are not the most important items on their agenda.

They seem to be all about who makes the best Long Dem.

I didn't think it possible but I now think the Dem's could lose District one, if they don't field a credible candidate with the luggage these boys have.

Just another Oracle

Anonymous said...

Ladd Siftar, really? He brings SO MUCH personal baggage, it will be embarassing for him to run. I can envision the anti-Siftar literature in my mailbox already. Does he really want people to dredge up his past? Does he really think that people forgot about his unfortunate slide into the criminal justice system? Ladd, do us and yourself a favor. Don't embarass yourself and run for office. Ever again.

Anonymous said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

I think Heckman would be a good choice, but hear he's not running.

Pippysqueek said...

Bernie- I know this is off topic, but is that your picture in the Morning Call this morning in the Gracedal article? If not, you have a twin out there!


Bernie O'Hare said...

That's me. Didn't even know I as photographed. I'm looking at the Gracedale petitions.

Anonymous said...

what about Dana Grubb again. How about Bud Hackett on the R side

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dana Grubb never ran for County Council. He is deeply interested in Bethlehem and ran for City Council once.

Anonymous said...

Even Ladd can beat anyone the Republicans can muster up in that district..The chances of a Republican winning in that district are zero to none! No chance Baran gives up his full time job to run for County Council..What are these people smoking??

Anonymous said...

I think anyone with money can toast Barron. The guy served himself up on a silver platter with that goofy union stunt he pulled.

He made himself an instant goofball.