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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Gracedale Disinformation

According to the tinfoil hats, "Now that Messrs. Angle and O'Hare have gotten their way, guess what? Now they file suit against certain members of the people's group who are circulating the petition to, I am sure, to teach them a lesson."

We sound pretty evil. And we are. But we haven't sued anybody. We did challenge the Gracedale Petition Initiative on Tuesday, and a copy of that Complaint is attached to this blog. You'll notice no individuals were named as Defendants. It was filed to prevent government by mob rule, protect our rights under The Elections Code and find the truth. It was not filed against any individual person or to teach anyone a lesson.

Now that there is no Petition, there's really nothing left for us to challenge. Angle and I will keep the lawsuit open in the event of an appeal. We are ready to proceed, but suspect that, in light of the ruling from the Elections Commission, there will be no immediate hearing.


Anonymous said...

There is most certainly going to be an appeal. The legal counsel for the Committee to Save Gracedale is proceeding.

The legal counsel for the Election Committee was compromised by a using the law firm paid to sell the Facility to essentially write the opinion. The solictor for the commission picked by Stoffa who wants the decsion that was renedered. A blatant conflict of interest. Using the Land Preservation petition example, which indeed did affect the budget, there are more appeals. Since Mr. Stoffa used that referendum as a basis for his tax, he did in fact lend credence to the credibility of a referendum tied to a budget item.

There is much more and it will all be brought forth.

The will of the people is only "mob" rule when you and Angle and Stoffa and the baggers disagree with it. Every other time it is called citizen participation. We do not need this rushed sale jammed down our throats by the hasty actions of a few elected officials who forgot who they represent.

The People

A Citizen said...

Dear "The People"

You do not speak for me. Please stop.

Anyone with a lick of sense knows that the sale of Gracedale is best for the county and it's citizens. And that you are a pathetic mob ruled union member trying to save their cushy job, that you are probably paid too much to do, and don't do half of it.

Thank you and have a nice day.

A citizen

Anonymous said...

the people ; you speak for many and i'd like to say thanks ~ this whole process has really disappointed and discouraged me and several others i know ...it's pretty sad when there isn't anyone you can trust .... john stoffa broke my trust .....

Bernie O'Hare said...

People, Initiatives re open space do affect the budget but are permitted because they are authorized by the Local Government Unit Debt Act. That trumps the Home Rule Charter. Ive mentioned this before.

Anonymous said...

you must feel so proud bernie ... congrats you and angle and stoffa are the men !!! i hope each and everyone of you get back all you gave ... you hurt so many :(

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have done what the law allows me to do. No more. No less. Under the law, any group of 12 electors, even you, has the right to commence an initiative petition process. challenge an election petition. Under the law, any one elector, whether it is me or Ron Angle, has the right to challenge it. Ron Angle, an elected representative can be a joint signer with someone who correctly portrays many of these proponents as union thugs and guns.

The Att'y representing the Elections Comm'n is allowed to receive memos from attorneys hired by the county. He's entitled to receive memos from attorneys representing the thugs and goons , too. The law is the law. There is nothing remotely improper or unethical about that. It's just another red herring.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing remotely improper or unethical about that. It's just another red herring."

Bernie do we really want to get into improper and unethical?

I know it is your area of expertise, but lets leave that out of it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

These personal attacks just end up making you look bad and me look good, so thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry where was this "personal attack" you speak of?

Bernie O'Hare said...

We can all see it, just like we can all see the physical threat.

Anonymous said...

Again, Bernie, thank you for your work on reporting the story and getting involved for all of us.

Warmest Regards,

The Majority Of The People

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this guy
"the majority" is
however, why is everyone so afraid to put it up for a vote
like "the majority" said they would prevail
then again
maybe they aren't the majority
that is where the fear "lies"

Bernie O'Hare said...

Nobody's afraid to put it up to a vote, but it's nonconforming. You've lost. Now you can make your case at the polls.

Anonymous said...

good thing we found a little problem with your agenda . just saying

Bernie O'Hare said...

You can make your argument in Court.

Anonymous said...

Sell Gracedale and don't allow illegal petitions to distort the process and waste more taxpayers' money on a referendum.


The Majority Of Law-Abiding People Who Needn't Resort To Threats

Bill Coker said...

Once again all of the bullying and trash talking comes from anons. What a shock!

Most rational people would welcome a vote on the Gracedale sale. It would be sold. Just as we would welcome a choice on school taxes in Nazareth, an several other choice items. Then the people would be able to have a voice.

Anonymous said...

"Once again all of the bullying and trash talking comes from anons. What a shock!"

How does one know that you are "Bill Coker" anyone can make up a profile, and a name. Let's not hang to much on the anon topic, as I have stated many times if Bernie does not want anon comments he can enable Discuss. But then again that would net him only 4 comments.


Bill Coker

Bill said...

As Bill Coker, of 21

As Bill Coker, of 21 West Center, Nazerath, I resent your statement of a made up id. I have been printed many times in the Express and Morning Call as I am an opioniated old fart an can write a lucid letter once in a while.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Don't mind the trolls. They're a little unhappy at losing out efore the Elections Comm'n.

Anonymous said...

Bill, The last thing O'Hare, Angle and Stoffa want is an election about Gracedale. That is why they are fighting this thing so hard.

The baggers know this as well. The majority of citizens in Northampton County have lost any confidence they had in the backroom deals of this Executive and some Council members.

The last thing they want is for the "people' to decide Gracedales fate at the polls.


Anonymous said...

Well Bernie, you continue to threaten the coaf and the unions! I am a citizen of the county... I do not want gracedale sold.. You know you aren't getting any younger either. You may need a nursing home in the near future, especially with you past history!!! I am a nurse and hope I Never Never have to take care of you!! or Ron!!!! KEEP YOUR STRENGTH COAF!!!

Anonymous said...

Threats are all he has at this point in his life. he has lost everything else.

Whuuut said...

With regard to this article: http://www.mcall.com/news/local/easton/mc-northampton-county-gracedale-proce20110202,0,5103788.story?page=2.

It states, for the sale : "County is morally obligated to provide care."

How does this argument stand up? I am part of the county and I pay taxes. How is it that I am morally obligated to provide care? Whomever is making this argument should... not dictate what morals the residents of Northampton County should have. I think they should be morally obligated to not impose their morals on residents.