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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dent: Centrist Tuesday Group May Have 30 - 50 House Members

From The Washington Post: Rep. Charlie Dent (Pa.), a co-chair of the Tuesday Group, said at least 10 freshmen had indicated that they were interested in joining, and overall he predicted that between 30 and 50 Republicans would attend the meeting.

"We're a center-right group," Dent said. "Some are closer to the center, some are closer to the right. . . . This is a center-right country, and we need to govern that way."

While much of the House Republican Conference - and the chamber's leadership - is conservative, Dent said the Tuesday Group could "help provide some perspective and balance."


Anonymous said...

Center Right, is that around the corner of Turner Front & Chew?

Anonymous said...

Center right is down the street from Arlington Cemetery so the walk to all those funerals isn't so long. Happy wars everyone!

Anonymous said...

If we're a center right party, how did Obama get elected?

Anonymous said...


Jon Geeting said...

aka Primary Group. We'll see if this means Dent will vote any differently from the last two years.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't expect him to vote "differently." I expect him to continue to vote as he has voted, which is down the middle. since the last election, he voted to abolish DADT and voted for an expansion of unemployment twice. He is willing to buck his party and correctly observes that we need to govern from the center.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, you know Jon doesn't get bogged down by little things like "facts." It gets in the way of his agenda.

Anonymous said...

He voted for TARP and told us that was sunshine blowing up our asses.

TARP banks continue to fail and the premature verdict is looking shaky.

Meanwhile, big banks love Smilin' Charlie.