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Monday, March 29, 2010

Linden Street Bridge to Open Officially on Wednesday

Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham will open the new, $6.5 million, Linden Street Bridge on Wednesday, March 31 at 1 p.m, accompanied by a bungee-jumping exhibition by his former opponent, Scott Ott.

Used by thousands of drivers daily, Linden Street is the fourth new bridge Cunningham will have opened since taking office in 2006. Construction began on the bridge in October 2008.

By the end of this year, major repairs will have been completed or underway on 17 other bridges and another four are scheduled for replacement. This means that more than half of the county’s 47 bridges are being upgraded.

WHO: Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham

WHAT: Linden Street Bridge Opening

WHERE: Linden Street Bridge

WHEN: 1 p.m., Wednesday, March 31

Directions: From Linden Street turn left on North Race Street (across from Banana Joe's Dance Club) into the RJ Corman Railroad Yard


Anonymous said...

Good job Don. Please help Northampton County to learn how to run a government.

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing donny boy is good at building real bridges because he has burned so many personal, professional and political one that he is DOA after this job runs out. heard yocco is hiring.

Anonymous said...

talking of self indulgence of one's ego. I suspect that we will start ribbon cutting ceremonies for repaved streets, new swing sets in the park and refilled public swimming pools. A media event for every politician

Scott Ott said...

I broke off negotiations over my planned bungee-jumping exhibition when I learned that the rope Mr. Cunningham purchased for me was bought with money he saved on the Courthouse project.

He referred to it as "bailing twine", a material which, I have learned, does not meet the minimum specs of the International Bungee Vendors Association.

Since Mr. Cunningham was first elected claiming he could do the courthouse project for less than $20 million, but he actually spent more than $70 million, I understand that County money is tight, and he has to scrimp a bit.

In addition, I'm told that the "rope" Mr. Cunningham provided is actually almost 20-feet longer than the height of the jump...a bonus he said was made possible by a "quality of life grant" from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which he secured from his former boss, Gov. Ed Rendell. However, it seemed to me that Mr. Cunningham's extra spending could leave me "in the hole", so to speak.

I regret the inconvenience to those who planned to attend this event solely to watch me leap.

Live the Freedom,
Scott Ott

michael molovinsky said...

if anyone is interested as to what caused the "riff" between bernie and me, it was this bridge. i noted in a comment such as this, that i had from a good source, that the old bridge could have been saved, saving the taxpayers much money in the process. bernie, believe it or not, went berserk in defending cunningham. first he attacked my 'source", insisting that i must reveal who to prove it's authentic. then somehow my replies became "off topic" and deletion followed.
anyway, they had a hell of time getting that old defective bridge down. then they had a difficult time building piers for the new bridge. bernie still goes berserk defending cunningham

Bernie O'Hare said...

Get over it already, MM. If anybody is beserk, it's you. You're like an ex-wife, unwilling to let go of anything, reliving arguments over and over. It's your worst quality. I've seen you do it here and with the historic preservation people in A-town.

The post in question, and I'll link to it at the end of this comment, is nearly a year old. It related to Cunningham's gubernatorial ambitions, which have NOTHING to do w/ the Linden St bridge.

Cunningham was being attacked anonymously for his personal life, and then you piled on with information that the bridge could have been done more cheaply, w/o bothering to ID or even describe your confidentail source. Nor did you make this information known to the people who were actually having the work done, so it really was a cheap shot. After the cow has left the barn, you come forward and claim it could be done more cheaply.

When I pointed this out, you responded with attacks on my integrity, which have continued to this day. You'll use anything, even a bigot like Pig Pen, to take a swipe.

Now this post is about the Linden Street bridge, so you can bray away about doing it more cheaply, based on confidential expert information you never gave to Cunningham.

Flail away.

I have better things to do with my time than relive year-old arguments with someone who doesn't like what I said.


michael molovinsky said...

bernie, your still doing it, going berserk over cunningham. i didn't have this "information" before the project began.

it did relate to the post about donny's governor ambitions; you cited his experience as general service administrator, i said that doesn't mean he's good at it, for example, i heard that the bridge could have been saved...bernie goes berserk.
1. mocking my confidential source
2. accusing me for not telling cunningham information before i knew it
3. accusing me of taking cheap shots
4. accusing me of being off topic

michael molovinsky said...

open note to donny cunningham; donny the 8th st. bridge in allentown needs work. please consider repairing it, as replacing it would cost 3 billion dollars and it is an icon of allentown
1. the concrete is spalding; concrete has broken off revealing the iron rebar, which in turn rusts when exposed to the elements.
2. the surface needs to be kept sealed, especially along the edges. weeds and saplings have been growing from the bridge bed, whose roots cause damage.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Don Cunningham, the next President of the United States of America.