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Monday, March 15, 2010

First Grader Cole Hershman Wins Notre Dame Pinebox Derby

Move over, Lou Hershman! Your days in the sun are over!

Allentown watchdog Lou Hershman has been eclipsed by his first grade grandson, who just won First Prize at Notre Dame Elementary School's (Bethlehem, Pa) pinebox derby.

His trophy is bigger than him!

I've met Cole, who accompanies his fourth grade brother Grant, to Notre Dame basketball practice. He's usually too busy to speak to me, and is instead barking out commands at the team.

"Jump, jump for that ball! ... Hands, hands!"

How'd Cole beat those eighth graders? From what I'm told, he launched a nasty robocall campaign the weekend before the derby.

Cole's next race will be Allentown City Council. Asked about not living there, he gave me an icy stare and said, "Don't go there, dude."

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