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Friday, March 05, 2010

Mike Dowd Energizing Northampton County Economic Development

Rev. Mike Dowd may be a man of God, but God must be telling him that Northampton County needs more jobs. As chair of Council's economic development committee, he's been conducting monthly meetings aimed at attracting more business. Yesterday, he invited Phil Mitman's LVEDC to report on some of the key projects under consideration.

Did you know there are about 800 acres located next to Rte 80, just waiting to be developed with industrial projects? That a comprehensive plan to develop Easton's silk mill will soon be submitted?

But wait 'till you find out what's going on in Easton. I'll tell you about that below.

Phil Mitman told Dowd's committee that LVEDC is actually working on 18 different projects in Northampton County, compared to 10 in Lehigh County.

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Anonymous said...

This "man of God", allowed Ron Angle to viciously slander many people both in and out of government when Dowd was Council President.

He and you may call him a "man of god", but God knows better.