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Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Make Friends and Influence People, by Abe Atiyeh

Abe Atiyeh, referred to by Bill White as Allentown's Rajah of Rezoning, failed to impress a West Easton crowd on Wednesday night, when he pitched a drug treatment and work release center at Chipman Mills on Wednesday night. The Express Times' Colin McEvoy tells the tale. It includes a Mayor who may have been impressed by the tax dollars this would generate, but was turned off by Atiyeh's salesmanship, which usually consists of threats to sue everyone.

"This is a damn good town, and you made some remarks that hit me in the gut because I'm a longtime resident."

Julian Natisin must hace felt that way, too. One of the Lehigh Valley's most accomplished biathletes, is a West Easton resident. I got to know him during my running days, when I'd chug along the trails near West Easton. He'd blur by, faster than the Roadrunner. Beep. Beep. Every now and then, on his way back, he'd slow down and we'd talk.

He dropped me a line about Wednesday night's meeting, and gave me permission to share it with you.

"Hi Bernie,

Julian Natisin, don't know if you remember me from running. You missed a complete air biscuit from your good buddy Abe Atiyeh. What a douche. He might be a 'good developer' but he needs public speaking lessons. He tried to sell W. Easton on his treatment center last night. First thing he did was offer to buy everybody's house that circles his project. Classy touch. Then he kept rambling on with the same 3 lines over and over. Even his lawyer was rolling his eyes.

"Then he threaten to sue the borough. Needless to say, Redneck-Polack-Slovak-Ukranians' don't take threats weakly. It should be interesting. You should come to the next meeting. Ron Angle was there last night. I don't think we are going to get bullied into taking it although I don't feel threatened by it if it is what his lawyer said it will be and it's in writing. But I do like one thing his lawyer said. 'You have something we want and you should try to squeeze every dime
out of us if we want to build.' C-ya, Julian"

Julian, I'll see you at the next meeting.


Jacob said...

Abe from everything I've heard sounds like a Villain from a 1930s movie.

Anonymous said...

Hey BO ask our friend STOFFAwhats going on over at the work release building,Ihear if that stuff gets out to the public there wont be any treatment centers anywhere.