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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ron Angle's Final Resting Place


This just in, from of Ron Angle's former Northampton County Council colleagues:

With all the hoopla about estates and wills lately, I thought you might enjoy this humorous story at the expense of my friend, the Northampton County Bulldog.

Ron said to his wife, "Honey, I just came to the realization that some day I will no longer be with you and it seems appropriate that I have an eternal resting place." His wife agreed and found Ron a beautiful spot on an Upper Mount Bethel hillside, with plenty of sunshine and a fantastic view.

"Looks great," said Ron. "How much?"

"Four hundred thousand dollars," answered Ron's wife, Sharon.

"What? Four hundred thousand dollars!" cried Ron. "I'm only going to be there three days!"


Sanctifying Grace said...

Ha! I had to think about that one.

Peace, ~~Alex

Sanctifying Grace said...
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Anonymous said...

That was funny Bernie...he`ll find a way to do it in 2 days

Anonymous said...

He and Alex will steal the pearly gates and the gold locks.

Anonymous said...

Angle died four years ago but God sent him back. He couldn't stay in Heaven and he already had a Satan in Hell.

Anonymous said...

If he gets that forged Will through he will be rolling in the dough. 400 grand will be nothing. It would have been even more had his dad not blowed all that money.