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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anonymous Blogging Under Fire


Freedom of Speech said...

So how do the likes of "The Villas" survive.

Chris Casey said...

The Villas do not realize the double edge sword they are juggling. They make reckless accusations without any evidence while exercising their "RIGHTS."
One of these days it will get away from them and they will injure themselves.
They want to know who all the ANONS on their blogs are.
That could come back to haunt them, if someone were to sue them and subpoena their internet access records. That would be a delicious irony to observe.

Every machine that hooks into the Internetidentifies itself with a serial number. Your PDA, your laptop, they all have "Fingerprints" if you will.

Hey Bill, did you buy yours with a credit or debit card? Then Big Brother will know the message came from a machine owned by you. There's something for you to consider.

Anonymous said...

Even the paranoid have real enemies.

Anonymous said...

I never knowed you could do that. I wonder how this affects ones fredom of speech. Looks like our rights are going to be blowed out of the water.