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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Battle of the Wingnuts in the 136th

On April 1, when the LV Conservative Voice Pac next meets to conduct human sacrifices and howl at the moon, perennial candidate and wingnut Ron Shegda has already volunteered "to tell the audience why this is called 'April Fools' Day.'"

No need, Ron, no need.

For those of you on Planet Earth, Ron Shegda is the sacrificial lamb usually sent by the GOP to go up against popular Pennsylvania state representative Bob Freeman in the 136th (Hellertown, Williams, Easton). Trounced in his last two efforts, he does entertain.

Back in 2006, when Shegda first appeared in cyberspace, his website proclaimed "Ron Shegda for Public Office." His ambition was to run for the U.S. Senate now, this year, because he's as wise as a serpent.

"Yet we are wise as serpents and gentle as doves. We will use the power of a Senate seat to defend our nation. Observe the Great Seal of the United States on the back of every dollar bill. The eagle clutches both arrows and olive branch; but it gazes at the olive branch. Will you join this campaign?"

As you've probably surmised, not many did, so now he just runs against Freeman every two years. On the bright side, he's got the support of right wing kooks like Berks County-based state representative (and Governor candidate) Sam Rohrer, a graduate of Bob Jones University. Rohrer actually sends letters instructing judges that Pennsylvania's Vehicle Code only applies to commercial vehicles.

He entertains, too.

Unfortunately for Ron, Domestic Violence Advocate Heidi Markow is running, too. At this time a year ago, she was busily sending me emails about several women who would very soon be killed by their husbands. When that failed to happen, she lashed out at a Northampton County Judge and DA who refused to follow her advice. Then, surrounded by cardboard silhouettes of domestic violence victims and whirring cameras, she called a news conference to request Governor Rendell and the Attorney General to take over a domestic abuse case because she opposed the plea agreement.

Amazingly, when the DA went ahead with that plea agreement anyway, she responded, "We're getting somewhere."

She entertains, too.

Well, Shegda has challenged Markow's nomination petition. She probably thinks it's because she's a woman. They'll duke it out this morning in Commonwealth Court.


Anonymous said...

Reps need to stand for something more than archaic images from the Revolutionary War. The DNC raised over $1 million online without soliciting a few hours after healthcare passed. If Reps wants money and want to run, they have to think of something to offer besides rhetorical flag waving.

Donald said...

Read in the paper this week that Markow is going to run a write in campaign now - not enough signatures. I had to ask myself if you are not organized or focused enough to get the correct amount of signatures how the hell are you going to take on the nearly flawless Bob Freeman and his band of loyal followers. Now that Bob has no real strong opposititon I can give him a smaller check and give more to Callahan

Anonymous said...

It's a shame the GOP can't field someone better to challenge the laziest, most invisible do-nothing member of the state legislature. During the budget debacle, his silence resulted in widely circulated rumors that he had died. Doesn't Bob have enough of a pension socked away on us? Can he still look himself in the mirror as he essentially steals his salary each day? The fault lies with a weak GOP. That's how we end up with Freeman's costly ilk.

Anonymous said...

This is very enlightening. Thank you.
As for Heidi, she earned a lot of admiration for her crusade against violence but then we often saw her photo on the society page and started to wonder.

Anonymous said...

Heard Shegda was successful in challenging Markow signatures to knock her off the ballet.

Guess inside his own party he's afraid he would loose. Why even try?

not so casual observer said...

The NORCO GOP has not put anyone up for election. Everyone who circulated petitions did so of their own desire to run for office. We do recruit but we do not tell people that cannot run nor do we push people onto the ballot.

Chris Amato said...

Thanks for the entertainment Bernie. The picture alone brought out my need for an adult diaper.

Anonymous said...

How is Ron Shegda any more of a wingnut than Bob Freeman? Look at Freeman's record - as one of the most liberal members of the House, he has never met a redistribution of wealth scheme he hasn't liked. Go back and look at his real estate tax reform plan that shifts the burden to people with earned income from those without.

If Bob wasn't 'so darn nice' he would get more scrutiny. He's never been held accountable by the press, and that's his free pass. That needs to change. Are you listening Bernie? I know you have have a soft spot for 'affable' types...

Love the graphic BTW!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Bob "who" Freeman has pretty much retired into his elected position. The newspapers, especially the Excess Times dutifully praises and endorses him every election.

Guys like him and Grucela are the reason nothing constructive comes out of Harrisburg.

At one time I was against it but now I wholeheartedly endorse term limits. More and more of these guys are just making an entire lifetime out of doing nothing and getting paid for it.

Sad, very sad.

Ohare calls these guys "wingnuts", that's funny most people call John Stoffa a wingnut and he lives him.