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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ned Donovan, Vampire Slayer

Allentown City Council VP Michael Donovan, is a lover, not a fighter. His blog, Inclusion, promotes mutual respect, hugs and kisses. He refused to raise a hand last year when some Allentown punk, mistaking him for Ron Angle, punched him in the face.

Son Ned is nothing like the old man. He's actually a vampire slayer, just like Buffy.

Don't believe me? He's been caught on tape, both here and here, kicking some vampire ass. Gotta' admit I love the sound effects, too.


Anonymous said...

Think he is training to take on any particular vampire?

Anonymous said...

Is he some Twilight fanatic?

Ned Donovan said...

Whoever made the twilight comment. No. God No. Hell no. This is an offshoot of an existing LA web series entitled "The Hunted" which has been running for almost 9 years now (making it the longest running web series). It's run by a man named Bob Chapin who's a professional stuntman/visual effects artist (he was one of the lead VFX guys for Shutter Island) and he opened it up to user submitted content a couple years ago. We decided to make our own offshoot.

Thanks Bernie, for giving us the promo! I appreciate it!