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Monday, March 29, 2010

One Wingnut Down, One to Go, in 136th State House Race

According to an updated listing of nomination challenges in Pennsylvania, womens' rights advocate Heidi Markow is no longer a candidate for the 136th state house seat held by Bob Freeman. She's the victim of a Court Order removing her from the ballot, probably signed by a man.

That leaves Ron Shegda as the only Republican running. Here's his campaign theme song. How can he lose with a jingle like that?


Anonymous said...

Shegda, truly a unique character! This guy is a whacko, plain and simple. How does the Republican Party attract these types?

Anonymous said...

Boy O'Hare Heidi must have rubbed you the wrong way, or maybe she she's just too honorable for you. She's one of the most intelligent women most of us know. In fact, wasn't it her that put a man in prison that had been abusing women and children for over twenty years. Wingnut, NAH, boys just afraid of tough woman who will run circles around any man. Don't get your panties all tied in a bundle, she's still going to win. And you O'Hare you should have stayed on the right side of the law and the right side of right. You were scorned by Ms. Markow and now won't give her the respect for standing firm on issues that involve women and men. So get off your bottle of whatever it is your drinking now and stop the feminist thing, we all know that Ms. Markow isn't a feminist, it's you O'Hare who is a female basher and hiding truths. I believe the Republican party does need to get rid of Shegda, but Ms. Markow does know how to get the job done. So stop with your MAN stuff, it's old, boring and stupid for the people that know and support Ms. Markow. And you O'Hare are making yourself sound like Shegda's clone. A little different smile though, still Shegda has something in his eyes that we have seen in yours. You should really try to be a bit more godly, holding grudges and being disrespectful won't gain you any friends when speaking this way of Ms. Markow. By the way, hows your buddy doing, you know that one you covered for, the one who's back you had. People don't forget!