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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Under Fire, Cory Miller Withdraws From Race For Dally's Seat

A few weeks ago, I asked "Who the hell is Cory Miller?" He was supposedly circulating nomination petitions for the vacant 138th House District held by Craig Dally, who recently was elevated to the judicial stratosphere.

Well, Cory must have stopped circulating. Democrat Joe DiGerlando, who's not running for anything, has challenged Cory's nomination petitions. Cory simply withdrew on Monday.

As a result, Northampton County Democrats have no candidate. Republican Marcia Hahn, a legislative staffer to Dally with 25 years of public service, will square off against Republican Nick Sabatine, a Wind Gap lawyer.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Joe Long! What the hell happened to the 2 or 3 candidates you had for this position. So freakin glad he is leaving the Chair position.
Bernie, who is the next chair going to be? I heard Walt Garvin and Michael Laws are running.

Anonymous said...

There's another Brennan Democrat who lives in that district, would Harrisburg ever be the same with 2 at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate Miller just because he withdrew and is a write in! He's still the nominee for the special election he just withdrew from the primary, it's basically running two races for the same seat.. I had the chance to speak with him and he seems very educated and we need a fresh young perspective he's not too young that it scares me and he's got some original ideas not too radical though! GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!