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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Allentown Park Plans Slammed on Fox News

I missed the show, but one of Allentown's cheerleaders is all worked up and screaming bias.


Anonymous said...

Debbie Downers

Andrew Kleiner said...

Not really much of a cheerleader of Allentown's political scene Bernie, I am however a supporter of forward thinking policy (progressive) and initiative. I don't agree with many things the local government has done, is doing or might do.

As far as being a cheerleader for the city itself? Hell yes I am and I am proud of it. I want to see the best for Allentown and it is my belief that true progressive policy by our local government will get us on the path to being the best. As I have stated on Remember, we can't look back at Hess Brothers and keep attempting to recreate it, we need to look forward and create something new.

FoxNews portrayed Allentown in a negative fashion, unjustifiably in order to advance their own agenda. Whether you agree with a new trail network or not, sitting back and being okay with the city taking it on the chin for Sean Hannity is unacceptable.

Thanks for the link.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I accept your qualification that you are not a blind cheerleader. You certainly are a park "improvements" advocate. I think that people who read both you and Michael get a fairly balanced view of what is going on there.

I am happy to link to your blog, which contains your view and some answers from MM and Dr. Romancheck.

Ironically, I have yet to see the broadcast, even though this is my second post about it. I'll be looking for it on youtube later today or tomorrow.

Looking To Escape said...

FoxNews portrayed Allentown in a negative fashion,
Billy Joel already did that.
Connected parks and bike racks are for "progressive" hobbyists. No company will invest in Allentown because of either. A person needing a job or a safe neighborhood will require something more than connected parks.
The segment was relatively short and I doubt will do lasting damage. Hannity listed Stimulus spending more remarkable than bike racks. From one of his earlier reports I am looking forward to the results on a study of Chinese hookers that has been funded by American taxpayers. I'm expecting loads of salacious details!

Anonymous said...

I want my tax money back. Allentown needs to first clean up the street of drugs, blood and crime.

Anonymous said...

Are these yocals criticizing the stimulus money or the parks/trails plans?

If someone did their homework they would have realized that none of the work being done in the park is paid for by stimulus funds.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:17, the trail network plan is very integrated with the park system, although thus far allentown only received $105.000.00 for the trail plan, the philadelphia area received $23 million for trail plans. supposedly the 105k will be used for signage and yellow lines on city streets and bike racks.

Anonymous said...

FoxNews slammed the plans? i am now totally in favor of the plans. Thank you foxnews for making this a partisan issue. In allentown, that means the Democrats in power will use your coverage to drum up support.

if people who disagree with Democratic leaders in the city would understand that the best way to sway people is to stay away from anything remotely partisan (new media, labels and personalities), they might actually gain some tractions. as it is, their tactics solidify partisans. stupid.

i wasn't on board with the train plan, but now i have a hard time viewing it as anything but a partisan issue. go on fox? good job.

Anonymous said...

Fox NEws doesn't like Allentown because there are too many churches, empty or otherwise. Glenn Beck says not to trust any churches that don't promote social or economic injustice. Allentown is too holy.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Kleiner said:

"I want to see the best for Allentown and it is my belief that true progressive policy by our local government will get us on the path to being the best."


Andrew -

You're seeing the results of 5 years of "progressive policy". Money (our money) wasted everywhere, multi-million dollar budget deficits, deteriorating neighborhoods, and a languishing downtown on taxpayer-funded life support.

We don't need more "progressive policy", just a return to the basics of municipal government. That would be an adequately staffed police department and a focus on the public works projects (roads, bridges, etc) that the city should be doing.

Contrary to what City Hall believes, it (and taxpayers) have finite resources. For the City to turn itself around it will need a strong dose of private investment. Given the obvious state of the city, few will do that when they can invest in more attractive areas just outside of the city borders.

You can argue about the need for government to "prime the pump" on certain projects, but whatever is done by the government will always come up short of the amount needed to achieve critical mass. And how many private investors will undertake a project in the city knowing they could soon be undercut by a government-funded competitor or some drastic change in city policy?

To the park issue specifically, the problem with the trails plan is not necessarily connecting the parks, its the damage being done to the existing ones - particularly Cedar Parkway. The money and effort being wasted there could be used for parkland acquisition and much-needed park repairs elsewhere.

As to Fox News and Hannity - who cares? They pointed out a mistake - a very wasteful mistake by city government. Allentown/PA/Federal taxpayers don't have the luxury of having their government make these wasteful mistakes any longer.

The city is running million-dollar deficits, the state is running billion-dollar deficits, and the federal government is just printing money to cover TRILLION dollar deficits.

The focus SHOULD be on City Hall and those wasting our money, not the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"I wasn't on board with the train plan, but now i have a hard time viewing it as anything but a partisan issue"


If Democrats/Progressives have become so closed-minded to believe that government waste is a "partisan issue" because of who is pointing it out, we are doomed as a society.

Wake up and open your eyes (and mind) to what is happening!

Anonymous said...

hopefully it will keep the deer from crossing the streets on American Parkway and causing accidents

Anonymous said...

so what it was ok for the Bush adm to fund the rail trails all over the rest of the Lehigh valley

michael molovinsky said...

although andrew's blog has documented the park system in both an informative and visually pleasing way, his reluctance to speak out against the environmental transgressions of the park is disappointing, especially since he is a student of environmental science. although he did criticize the paving around the mirror pond, he keeps claiming he will keep his eyes open. cedar parkway is now in the process of being broken up into lawn size portions by redundant paths, but no andrew speakout. these paths are part and parcel of the trail network plan, as shown on the trailnetwork map, but no andrew speakout.

andrew, don't be afraid of allentown being "portrayed in a negative fashion", be afraid of being silent

Anonymous said...

When was this story on TV?
Stormy in Allentown

Anonymous said...


Ah to be young again and able to believe that wanting things to be will make them so. We are old guys who have come to understand it (the world) just doesn’t work that way. That learned wisdom makes productive/constructive dialogue with the innocent (Andrew) difficult. While we understand that merely wanting good does not automatically validate our ideas and philosophies the altruistic young see our rejection or questioning of their well intentioned activity/views/plans…as a sign of some sinister ulterior motive or mere stupidity on our part.
We understand Ed very shrewdly plays on our desire for positive change. He uses his faith routinely as a shield against those who question his ethics; he misuses minorities as pawns to pass legislation and has them do his dirty work of calling opponents racist. He has forced out experienced and respected Allentown city workers and replaced them with rookies who sing his sweet song but lack substance, insights and expertise of the city and its issues. While claiming to have restored fiscal stability to city finances his budget policy has in fact dug the city into deeper hole. If I am not mistaken this year will be the third straight years of the city ends up in the red, which would put us on the path to state intervention. Those who don’t know these details but hear only the “positive” message/propaganda have been seduced into believing in Ed Pawlowski and his administration. Their altruism allows them to support and defend a message and the messenger merely because they seem good and attack all who question or disagree.
Mike we were gullible once too, I can remember rejecting the words of my elders. I now understand the advice and wisdom they were trying to pass on to me was very sound. We have now become them, the old guys

Scott Armstrong

Bernie O'Hare said...

"When was this story on TV?"

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to see that Hannity segment about Allentown?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Gosh we never heard of this issue before. Please let us know more.
Where are the deer coming from?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...
hopefully it will keep the deer from crossing the streets on American Parkway and causing accidents

8:40 AM

Anonymous said...

Molovinsky & Bob Romancheck on Sean Hannity's Waste 102 Program.

If it is true that Allentown's park director refused to be interviewed for the Fox segment,
he needs to explain why.
Hopefully, the Call reporter assigned to the city will
investigate and report back to readers.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:55, I am cruising the 'Net for a link to the video.

Anonymous said...

i'm guessing the deer are coming from Jordan creek park

Bernie O'Hare said...

I tracked down the video excerpt and will post at midnight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video.
We appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...

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