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Monday, March 29, 2010

Beyer Had Horton Followed After Mother's Funeral

If you file a nomination challenge asking a judge, instead of the people, to decide whether someone belongs on the ballot, you better win. Otherwise, it is difficult to escape the accusation that you are anti-Democratic, especially when you have a private investigator follow your opponent for ten days.

Amazingly, that's exactly what state rep. Karen Beyer just did. A judge tossed her residency challenge to Michael Horton on Thursday. She filed her challenge through Democrats Ernest Kaiser and Janet Keim.

In a news release, Horton describes himself as a "newcomer" who "never expected Beyer to go as far as having me followed while mourning the death of my mother and planning my wedding. The voters are going to have to decide if this is the kind of conduct they expect from their elected officials.”

Beyer had Horton followed by a PI for ten days. This private dick also interviewed his neighbors and even contacted his fiancée’s ex-husband, who was then dragged into court.

Horton has been the elected constable for Allentown’s 12th Ward since 2003 and has continuously resided there since 2002. His current address is at a home he purchased in 2008 and he just purchased a much larger home in the district, where he and his fiancée will reside after their wedding in June.

Beyer complains that Horton has “a lot to learn about the 131st district.” That may be, but she has a few things to learn herself about nomination challenges and depriving voters of the right to make their own choices.