Monday, March 26, 2007

Norco Rocked By Another Embezzler

Just last week, Northampton County Executive Stoffa told a county committee investigating a theft that people will always find ways to steal. "Sooner or later it's going to happen again because people are smart." Amazingly, by the end of the week, another theft of county money proved Stoffa right.

I didn't confirm anything with the county big wigs. They're a little miffed with me right now. They'd like to know how I got my grimy little hands on that secret VanSickle email, and aren't buying my story that I got it from my pal, Joe Long.

But here's the deal, according to my listening devices. Late last week, Lafayette Ambassador Bank made an unpleasant admission to Northampton County. Property taxes are deposited there, and a foolish bank employee decided she deserves the money as much as the county. She added her name, as a payee, to checks made out to the county. Maybe she has a few open space projects, too. She's been caught and fired, and I suspect her problems are just beginning.

To its credit, the bank will make good on any damages sustained by the county. Maybe Lamont McClure should have this matter reviewed by a forensic accountant, too! Property owners should check and keep their canceled checks, which will clear them if a dispute arises.

In related news, the low-level county employee who embezzled approximately $125 thousand from the criminal division over the past five years, was spotted this weekend. She was whooping it up at the Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse. I wonder who picked up the tab. She should have invited Larry Otter and he could just bill the county.
Update: Both The Express Times and Morning Call have detailed accounts of this theft. The Express Times also has this advice for taxpayers: "Any resident who paid property taxes via check by Feb. 22 but has not received a copy of a cashed check should call the Northampton County revenue department at 610-559-3102 to confirm the bill was paid."


Anonymous said...

Sorry Bernie,think your informant was mistaken. I was home all weekend with my son who had a sleep over. However, his favorite place to eat is the Japanese Steak House.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Perhaps my informant is mistaken about precisely when you were there. But that's what I'm told, and I believe him. He has no reason to lie.

Anonymous said...

Not accusing anyone of lying, just don't want people to think I am out celebrating or Whooping it up as you called it. My son loves to eat there and I am trying my hardest to keep his life as normal as possible. He shouldn't be punished for my mistakes. Thanks for listening. Will continue to read your blog. Find it very informative at times.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I accept your explanation. It's reasonable. "The sins of the mother shall not be visited upon the son." I've been there. I know what it's like. I've been an object of derision myself. I know what it's like to be publicly embarrassed. And I understand your desire to try and keep life normal for your son.