Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Norco Elections Task Force Meeting Cancelled

Tonight's meeting of the Northampton County citizens' elections task force has been cancelled. Director of Administration John Conklin informs me that surveys were just sent to candidates, poll workers and voters. Not enough time has elapsed for a meaningful review.

Sounds plausible, but I know the real reasons. First, the county simply can't absorb another Larry Otter bill. Second, Morning Call columnist Bill White had threatened an appearance, and task force members have fled the county.

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Anonymous said...


You overlooked mentioning another reason for the cancellation of Northampton County Administrator John Conklin's touch-screen voting machine Task Force meeting scheduled for this evening.

Conklin feared that not just Bill White of the MSM planned to attend the meeting and that alternative media publisher Billy Givens (silk-stocking, blue-blooded, College Hill Brahmin NOT!)might show up at the meeting as well.

After all, it was his boss, Northampton County Executive John Stoffa, and not County Registrar Deborah DePaul, who climbed out on that limb and sawed it off with his purchase of the touch-screen machines despite the warning many of his concerned constituents that climbing out on the limb would be dangerous - not just to the integrity of fair, trustworthy elections but to his political survival as well.