Monday, March 26, 2007

Norco Council Candidate Will Power Has a Campaign Blog!

Will Power, candidate for Northampton County Council District 3, has started a campaign blog! He's swimming upstream against the local party machine, which will endorse Lamont McClure this Saturday. McClure plans to buy your vote with a flood of negative ads designed to make Power look as bad as a middle school principal. That's no surprise because McClure has established himself as a bully.

McClure's not really interested in what you think. He'd rather follow the marching orders of Abe Atiyeh and the DA, who contribute heavily to his campaign. Power has no money and refuses to accept a dime. He won't even ask his sister, a powerful state senator, for help. But he's got a message. Perhaps the Internet, our great equalizer, can even the odds. I've signed on as a contributor, and you can look forward to regular postings from me about McClure's shoddy record on council. And Power will post his own blogs on county issues. So get a breath of fresh air from time to time and check out Will's blog.


Doctor Rick said...

Will Power!?

LVDem said...

Rick is back. Started to worry there for a minute.