Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Official - We Have a Controller's Race in Northampton County

About a month ago, Bethlehem Democrat Stephen J. Barron, Jr., announced he would seek the Democratic nomination for Northampton County Controller. Both Barron and three-term incumbent John T. Schimmel have now filed their nomination petitions, so they'll be facing off in November.

Barron, a fresh face with new ideas, claims he would be "a full-time controller, someone who is willing to put the citizens of Northampton County first." That's a major commitment for a job that only pays $39,000 per year. Barron believes this is the only way he can keep another promise - auditing every major office during his four year term.

In contrast to Barron's vigor, Schimmel offers voters an experienced and well-respected professional accountant. Schimmel is vulnerable because a county employee stole at at least $120,000 from an office he failed to audit - ever. That office was the criminal division, which does handle a lot of cash. On the other hand, Schimmel can probably claim to have saved the county millions during his tenure. Just recently, he put the clamps on credit card abuse and bogus health claims.

These are both likable and professional guys. Both have kindly agreed to speak with me at some point during their campaign. If there are any questions you'd like answered, just post them as comments. I'll add them to my own questions, and get back to you as this campaign heats up.

Right now, I'm going to vote for both of them. I have two voter registration cards, so I should be able to vote twice. Right?

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