Friday, March 16, 2007

Lehigh Valley AntiWar Advocates Will Mobilize This Sunday:

Dan Agshen at The Lehigh Valley Peace Coalition has asked me to spread the word.

"The fourth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq -- Monday, March 19 -- is fast approaching, and an end to this quagmire seems nowhere in sight. With President Bush continuing to insist on escalating the conflict and Congress dragging its feet on finding a real solution, there is still a great deal of work to do to bring our troops home."

COMMUNITY PEACE VIGILS at 18 locations across the Lehigh Valley. Sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Peace Coalition.

SUNDAY, MARCH 18 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Four Years After the Start of the War in Iraq
Out of Iraq Now!

ALLENTOWN, Cedar Crest & Tilghman, Judy Woodruff 610-437-5314

ALLENTOWN, The Armory, 15th & Allen, Curt Day 610-865-9838

ALLENTOWN, Emmaus Ave.& 4th St., Michelle Mecham 610-351-6815

BANGOR, S. 4th & Market Sts., Anna Maria Caldara 610-599-9985

BETHLEHEM, L.V. Friends Meeting, Rt. 512, 1/2 mile north of Rt. 22, Donna Hartmann 610-865-5204

BETHLEHEM, 3rd & Wyandotte Sts., Guy Gray 610-865-9050

BETHLEHEM, Main & Broad Sts., Mimi Lang 610-866-2407

BETHLEHEM, Unitarian Church, Center & Wall Sts., Crafford Harris 610-253-2306

BETHLEHEM, 8th Ave. & Broad St., Jim Walton 610-868-6878

EASTON, 3rd St. & Larry Holmes Drive, Reggie Regrut 908-859-5632

EMMAUS, Main & Keystone Sts., The Emmaus Public Library, Karen Poshefko 610-965-5086

HELLERTOWN, at the fountain, Main St., Melissa Moser 215-307-7861

JIM THORPE, outside Carbon County Courthouse, Jill Robbins 610-509-2544

NAZARETH, Center Square, Rev. John Clint Fowler 610-746-5013

NEW TRIPOLI, Decatur St., the post office, Peter Crabb 610-298-8289

PENNSBURG, at Rts. 29 & 663, Joyce Moore 610-966-6127

PHILLIPSBURG, Main St. & Free Bridge, Emil Brisson 908-454-9455

Funny thing. A lot of local pols, including a few congressional wannabes, are stepping over dead bodies in Iraq to further their political careers. Where are their names? Do they really care? This is my problem with both major parties. The only time they want to be heard about Iraq is when they're looking for a few votes. The rest of the time, they cower from "national" issues like this. And the local body count grows.


Julian Stolz said...

Every time you protest, you give the terrorists hope.

Anonymous said...

This is an open letter to Dan Ashgen, Curt Day and the organizers of the Lehigh Valley Peace Coalition.

Please, please, please do not protest at the Armory at 15th and Allen Streets in Allentown. To protest at the site of where our local soldiers are based is just not right. We as a nation ask our brother and sister soldiers to sacrifice their lives. If you wish to protest, go in front of Representative Dent's local office. That's were you need to be effective. Our local soldiers have enough to worry about, rather than have protesters in their face. Please be supportive of our troops. Protest the policies of our politicians instead. I can remember the Vietnam War protests and the hateful demonstrations incurred on our returning soldiers. Protest the policies! Not our soldiers!

Anonymous said...

" Every time you protest, you give the terrorists hope."

My country right or wrong, eh Julian?

Julian Stolz said...


Remember, I believe in Operation Iraqi freedom.

Let the cries of Chickenhawk begin.

Greendogdem said...

NO the fact that we are bogged down in Iraq, and destroying our military capability. While the Terrorists are putting out very little effort in doing damage to our capabilities is giving them hope. While we are wasting our troops and resources in Iraq the terrorists are spreading all over the world. I.e. Thailand, Philippines, Europe, etc while we are wasting resources in Iraq they are spreading all over the world. What is encouraging the terrorist is that we are so stupid and continue to stay in Iraq, and really don't have to do anything since we so willingly damage ourselves for no good reason

Anonymous said...

As a military veteran, I am offended that the protesters would march in front of the Armory. Go march at the Whitehouse, set yourselves on fire, whatever, but you are no better than those who spit on young men and women returning from Vietnam. I know these remarks will inflame some passions. I AM AGAINST THE WAR IN IRAQ. But I also respect my fellow American soldiers. Don't insult the troops, go protest the bubbleheaded texan whose orders they took an oath to follow. They are honorable, Dimwit W is not. Think about your priorities.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Go march at the Whitehouse, set yourselves on fire, whatever, ..."
I realize that wasn't intended as humor, but I thought it was hilarious.

I never noticed, until Bill Hillanbrand noted it himeself, that the LV Peace Coalition has included an armory as one of the sites for its protest. I'd have to agree that's a pretty dumb idea.

The whole point of a protest is to persuade, not alienate. I'm a vet myself, and I would not be offended by a protest near an armory. But I'd respect the wishes of those who are offended by staying away from a site like that.

The simple truth is this war is having big local consequences. We just buried two solddiers, and the war's cost is substantial. So where are our local leaders? Why don't any of them open their mouths and take a stand? They'll point their fingers at Dent, but where are they? That's what bothers me. They only open their mouths when they want to get elected to something or another.

WhetherVain said...

Bernie, your opening link (Dan Ashgen pointing to doesn't work.

Either it's wrong, or somebody has hijacked the site in some way.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Whethervain, Thanks. As you may remember, we both spent too much time in grade school screwing around and too little time paying attention to details. I spelled Dan Agshen improperly. It's fixed, and so is the link. Now I must write "Dan Agshen, not Dan Ashgen" 300 times. Can I borrow your invention? Remember? The one where you hooked three pencils together?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Protesting is fine, and I respect anyone who does it, but to me, the time for real action has arrived. It's time to take the political process and vote out and against anyone who wants to continue this madness. Iraq is a mistake.

Look, at this point, say whatever you want about the war and it's beginnings, it's irrelevant now. The day we leave Iraq, they will fight each other, no matter what. It can happen tomorrow, it can happen in twenty years. We might as well have it tomorrow so we can move forward and stop paying such a cost in national treasury (i.e.- lives, money, respect).

Anonymous said...

For the first time ever, Rising Sun makes an intelligent comment.

Julian Stolz, on the other hand, proves again that he watches (and unfortunately belives) the talking heads on the fantasy neo-con news network (Fox). It's a shame he cannot think for himself.

Anonymous said...

Julian Stolz said...

Remember, I believe in Operation Iraqi freedom.
Let the cries of Chickenhawk begin.
7:37 PM
When a person says "I believe..........."(or "I" anything) he is trying to make himself as important as 'the cause'.

Only way the Talk Radio types, who are overwhelmingly draft-dodger or war-coward, can have any credibility is by either signing up or shutting up.

That mean we need a draft!

Anonymous said...

To William Hillanbrand and the fiery Anonymous,

If the soldiers are truly fighting for our freedom, then we have, and should use, the right to protest anywhere in this country. Any other view, in my opinion, denounces freedom and equality.

In addition, to those who cannot distinguish between those who protest in front of the Armory from those who persecuted returning Vietnam Vets, please use all available information prior to reaching a conclusion. My own opinion is that the best way to honor the troops is to keep them out of harm's way unless absolutely necessary. Supporters of this war did not do so.

Curt Day

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bill and the fiery one can speak for themselves, but may not see your comments, posted more than a week after the event. So let me tell you both of them opposed our involvement. I agree your actions are protected by our first amendment. No one disputes that. But the point they make is that one of the locations selected is divisive. That's the only location in the LV where police showed. Do you think that is a coincidence?

I think we should be trying to persuade those who disagree instead of getting in their face. That's why I wouldn't use the armory location unless there is other information available that would mitigate their arguments, as you suggest. Like many vets, I opposed our military intervention. But as a vet, I know some soldiers might be offended or hurt by the sight of protestors right next to them. It's your right. But if your purpose is to persuade, you may be failing at that location.

Another divisive action invloving LEPOCO was that silly sit in at Dent's office. That might have actually gained him votes. It was a stupid publicity stunt. Peace activists have to stop using 60s methods to advance their cause. You have the internet. You could start a blog and generate hundreds times more interest than you get in a demonstration. LEPOCO needs some fresh direction.

And right now, I don't think any of us know the answer. Some think we need to surge. others think we should withdraw immediately. I'd go with the option involving the least bloodshed for all involved, but I just don't know what that option is. I do think we need to talk to our enemies.

I appreciate your comment and all you do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the note. I have some agreement with you regarding using 60's tactics for now. I just don't think we got the bang for our buck for what the activists risked. But then again, they are frustrated and people tend to fall back on old strategies without fully considering what else could be done. I have respect for those who did sit in but I don't think it is the best action.

I will disagree with whether protesting at the armory is getting in someone's face though. When someone says that, it is as if only one group is allowed to have demonstrations there--the support the war group. We have many active service and Iraq veterans involved in the antiwar movement. Would they be allowed to protest at the armory?

I like Howard Zinn's latest article criticizing the Demo proposal. If you want I can send you a link. But in that article, he criticizes the war not based on our inability to get the result that we wanted but on principle. To me, that is the most consistent objection to the war that will most impact future decisions.

Curt Day

Bernie O'Hare said...

Curt, Please send me the link. I'll probably agree w/ Zinn.

LEPOCO has a number of very intelligent and well-spoken members. And they can write. From time to time, Bernie Berg pops on here and gives me hell. He's a great guy, wonderful writer, and is very persuasive with both his humor and logic.

I honestly think you could have a tremendous impacxt in the LV if you started a blog. It's easy to do, costs nothing, and can have multiple members with posting prvileges. I'm something of an activist, although my focus is almost always on local issues. I can tell you that this little blog has had more impact than anything else I've done. And in less than a year, it's got a decent number of readers and contributors. If you folks started a blog, you could really open up discussion on a host of topics. I'd certainly link to it, and I believe it could be a true agenda center.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

The link for the latest Zinn article is at:

I have a blog at:

I also write articles on The blog is not my best writing but I use both the blog and sites to practice communication.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'll read the Zinn article and will definitely publish a link to your blog. I think that's a great way to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Day,

Thank you for your response, albeit a little late. I don't believe that you quite understand the message I was trying to convey. Bernie O'Hare was close, but let me expand. Your argument was LEGITAMACY, mine is PURPOSE.

First, I am a veteran also (I had a dual AFSC as a Target Intelligence Specialist and an Intelligence Operations Specialist) and I am opposed to the war in Iraq (not Afghanistan, in my mind a separate issue).

Secondly, I affirm your right to free speech, anywhere, period!

What I question, however, is your PURPOSE for demonstrating in front of the armory. If your PURPOSE was to be devisive and create a scene to receive the most press, then you marginally succeeded. You also succeeded in alienating those of us whom oppose the war and try to pursuade the politicians to bring our families home.

Your point of argument as to whether or not you have a right to protest at the armory is mute. Of course you do! But your PURPOSE for protesting there is illogical and hurtful. Didn't the Lehigh Valley Peace Coalition sit down to see where the most effective place to protest would be in front of Representative Dent's local office? I think your failure to distinguish between policy makers and the military who carries out George W's orders should be addressed.

Lastly, did your protest meet your objectives? What were your objectives at that particular site? I would think in this instance, you did more harm to our cause than you helped.

Only my opinion. May God look over our troops and bring them all home safe.

Bill Hillanbrand