Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bus Trip From Pittsburgh to Chicago For Just $1, Thanks to the Internet

Publicly subsidized LANTA will soon raise bus fares in the Lehigh Valley to $2 for a one-way trip. At the same time, private carrier Megabus is offering rides from Pittsburgh to Chicago for as little as $1. Based on a similar system in Britain, these low fares are awarded to someone who plans ahead. CEO Dale Moser explains why fares are so low.
"I don't have a terminal, so I don't have bricks-and-mortar ... I don't have the staff that maintains it. Everything's back room -- it's all computer sales. I have nobody handling cash. I have nobody handling any kind of transactions at the bus. The bus driver is focused on taking care of the customers and driving safely."
Yeah, and they're probably fueled by peat moss stolen from the Irish. (My thanks to Jason Slipp at LVBO for telling me about Megabus.)

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