Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Norco Councilman Tony Branco Loses His Day Job

Northampton County Councilman Tony Branco has complained, even to me, of his long daily commute to and from his job as Douglass Township manager in Berks County. Unfortunately, he lost his job there a few days ago. I don't know any details. He does have a commanding knowledge of township and borough laws, and is a likable fellow, so this surprises me. I hope he finds a new job closer to home.


PA progressive said...

Wow, that's near me so he did have a long commute.

Anonymous said...

tony's a good man. hope he finds something.

Anonymous said...

Any idea about his contract with Douglass Twp. The Township minutes in July 06 show his appointment subject to an employment contract, the terms of which are not reflected in the minutes. Someone should get the contract. (That contract should be public, wages and benefits are public info, wonder if they'll give it you you. ) Funny also, the June 06 minutes reflect that the Township refused to read aloud the prior manager's reason for leaving, they would not read his resignation letter, like thats some sort of secret. Doubt you'll ever learn why Branco was terminated. Love to see that contract! Wonder if he got a severance bonus.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Thanks for the comment and suggestions. And anyone reading this blog should really check out Northern Lehigh valley Logic. It's very well done.

I'll have another post today.