Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lehigh Valley Ramblings Appraised at $10,518, and Worth Every Penny!

Al Kratzer at The Express Times spends his evenings "drinking coffee and surfing the Web in search of the new and unusual." That probably explains why he's launched a new blog - Lehigh Valley 2.0. No politics for him. No, siree. He instead shares "new trends" on the net with us.

Northampton County exec John Stoffa wants to do a reassessment? He doesn't have to spend zillions to hire some suits that drive goofy vans and take pictures. He can just pop on Zillow and find out what every home is worth, complete with satellite photos. Problem solved.

Or how about this! My blog, believe it or not, is worth $10,518! That's right, bippy. My blog is worth four Larry Otter bills. How do I know this? That's thanks to DomainNameScoop, another site that Lehigh Valley 2.0 describes. I asked a few folks whether they agree. "Bernie, I read your blog every night before I go to bed so I can think of you. It's priceless." That's what Joe Long said, blushing as he spoke.

Let's find out what some other local sites are worth.

My elections' panel minutes blog? $0! Hey, that's not nice.

Northampton County? A paltry $14,364, and overpriced at that.

Lehigh County? $15,660. Lehigh County always has to be better than Northampton. Ever notice that? It's sickening.

Keystone Politics? This baby is valued at $69,781. I know that seems like a lot, but it was worth $690,781 before LVDem and Chris Casey started posting there.


Chris Casey said...

So you put up a picture of "Who wants to marry a Millionaire" what was his name, Rick Rockwell or Rock brain? No woman on earth will marry you for a blog worth $10K.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's a start.

LVDem said...

KP was clearly higher quality before I got a hold of it. Kind of like my neighborhood really.

I was thinking of moving to Nazareth Bernie. What do you think? I could concurrently improve Allentown/Lehigh County while further devaluing Norco.

Bernie O'Hare said...

LVDem, You're welcome to move to Nazareth aftyer November, when Will Power is safely sitting on Northampton County council as Nazareth's rep.

Anonymous said...

speaking if which, why isn't Will Power subject to the hatch act?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 12:13,

The Hatch Act has no application to state or local employees who exercise no function in connection with federally financed activities, or whose positions are primarily paid for by federal funds. I've looked inmto it. There are advisory opinions exempting a county employee who works as an emergency services director. It applies only to executive branch employees. Power is a toll bridge officer. He makes no decisions concerning federally financed activities. If he did, the Act might apply. Your tolls pay his wage, not the feds. If his position was federally funded, the Act might apply. If you feel strongly about this, you should file a complaint. You can even do so online, but you'll have to ID yourself, at least to the OSC. And if you don't let them disclose your ID to others, OSC will consider that in deciding how much attention to pay to the complaint.

Not long ago, when Ron Heckman was director of HHS at Northampton County, he had to bow out of a mayor's race or resign. In his case, he had to make decisions concerning federally funded programs.

Will Power does not have that impediment.

Why not let the people decide?

Anonymous said...

Well www.northamptoncountydems.org is worth $72.00 So Bernie is worth $10,446 more than the County Democratic Party.

Could we see that start of the Bernie O'Hare Party in the Lehigh Valley?

Tom Foolery said...

I can tell that Joe Long was definitely not your appraiser..

Anonymous said...

I will have you know that yhe Lehigh Valley Political blog came in at $6903, and the Casey Post at $3438. That's only $10,341, but that's only $177 less than LV Ramblings!-Chris Casey

LVDem said...

I came in at the same value Bernie. Yeah that's right... a 20 something has as much value as you do. How do you feel now?

Oh, I found an apartment on Main Street in Nazareth but a police office was following me the entire way through town so I gave up. You tipped them off didn't you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

LVDem, Yeah, I checked that. We're both worth exactly the same. You're welcome to move to Nazareth. There's a vacancy at the local Y.