Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Norco Councilman Tony Branco: "I Won't Compromise My Ethics or Beliefs For Anybody"

I told you yesterday that Northampton County Councilman Tony Branco has lost his day job as Douglass Township manager in Berks County. I spoke with him today. He could not go into details but said this, "I won't compromise my ethics or beliefs for anybody." I suspect there's much more to this story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment. I will post again soon. Although I don't know Tony from a hole in the ground, ( I really dont) If there was an "ethical issue" as he said (and I have no reason to doubt that, either way, Tony should give you a hint, in that he opened the door by making his statement about ethics in the first place. What were his thoughts? ) Given that Douglass Township is not insignificant, having their seat in Boyertown, a municpality with surmountable growing pains outside of growing suburban King of Prussia, not unlike Hellertown, with growing pains comming from New Jersey. I'd love to hear Tonys thoughts about analougus government and whether the situation really is analogous to Northampton County, where Tony is a presently a Councilman. Dont give up! I understand Tony is a politician in Northampton County, let Northampton County hear his viewpoint on this and decide if it is applicable!

Bernie O'Hare said...

NLVLogic, The compliment is well-deserved. It just so happens that Branco has agreed to meet with me tomorrow. I'll be sure to ask your questions and will do a follow-up post.