Friday, October 11, 2019

PD DiLuzio: "I Thought Crime Was Going Down"

Public Defender Nuria DiLuzio presented her budget to Northampton County Council on Wednesday. Though she's calling for no major changes, she predicts changes might be necessary in 2021.

DiLuzio said her staff, which consists of 15 part-time and 3 full-time public defenders, is handling a caseload of 1,100 "active, substantive criminal cases." This includes 341 felonies and 4 major homicides.

"We're managing, but it's sometimes difficult with a part-time staff," she said. "I thought crime was going down."

She indicated she may seek a full-time public defender to handle appeals.


Anonymous said...

Not capable of handling the job? Too hot in the kitchen.
And crime is down.

Anonymous said...

Who appoints this half wit? How ties her shoes?

Anonymous said...

better be careful the half of the half wit is the Bethlehem police chief....and he is not much better.....