Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Morganelli Establishes Community Policing Award in Bethlehem

Mary Mowrer
Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli has established the Gordon B. Mowrer Community Policing Award in Bethlehem. The Fraternal Order of Police will annually recognize a police officer who has contributed to a strong police and community relationship that year with a contribution to the charity of that officer's choice. The program is funded with a $2,000 donation from the drug forfeiture fund.

Mowrer served as Bethlehem's Mayor from 1974-1978, and as Acting Mayor in 1987. He passed away in 2016 at age 80.

Though credited with preserving Bethlehem's historic downtown, Morganelli hailed his former mentor as a pioneer of community policing. He established thee teams (Adam, Baker and Charlie) responsible for different areas of the City so that police officers and the community they served would know each other. His changes resulted in a dramatic reduction in crime.

According to Morganelli, the Mayor was so enthusiastic about building a positive police presence that he would often ride along with officers.

His city vehicle, a black Pontiac, was equipped with a siren, and Morganelli said theMayor used it a few times to give stern warnings to red light violators. This was confirmed by one reporter at Morganelli's announcement, who confessed he was once stopped by the "Main Street Mayor."

George Mowrer, son of the late Mayor, said he often rode along with his father. His widow Mary said her husband often bolted on date night when he heard a siren or saw police lights.

"He really made Bethlehem a safe community," added Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez, whose late father was a police detective. Police Chief Mark DiLuzio said Mowrer was the Mayor who made sure officers were equipped with bulletproof vests.


Dandelion said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the buddy list over the couple of years it'll be around.

Anonymous said...

NBB Donchez sitting in the background clueless as ever. Payrow, Mower & Smith were the last class acts Bethlehem had as mayor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A vulgar comment from Mezzacappa has been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Mowrer was hardly Morganelli's mentor. Morganelli was the chief architect of Marcincin's campaign that defeated Mowrer as mayor. Nice way to treat a "mentor"

Anonymous said...

This was a positive operational change but has little or nothing to do with the management strategy and philosophical approach defined as Community Policing.
Yet another indication that even at the top of regional LE there is little to no understanding of this important concept.

Anonymous said...

Morganelli only doing to this to get votes, why didn't he this years ago?

Anonymous said...


Community Policing is when partnerships are formed with non-governmental groups, clubs, and fraternities, that are beyond the reach of FOIA request and can operate beyond traditional oversight.

It allows communities to deal with those who are not necessarily breaking the law, but are nonetheless considered undesirable elements worthy of closer scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

The indicted Mayor of Allentown once had this type of inisative in community policing. Turns out his co consperitors that traveled to Hati in the same band now playing at camp fed.
Wondering when the next round begins with the Honorable judge Sanchez presiding? Bernie, I can't see you?

Anonymous said...

Pay-off to the UNion. UNion Boss is in bed with Houck and Morganelli
28 years Morganelli has done nothing for BPD. Morganelli banned pulling cars over for dark window tint after his son got pulled over and cited.

Peterjcochran said...

The public hers those swords buts John’s program does not Evan match what what the intent was of community policing.

Anonymous said...

John doesn’t have a clue about Community Policing and could not care less, neither do most of his “real cops” pals.
What a farce.