Monday, October 14, 2019

Lisa Scheller Poised For Congressional Bid

Earlier this month, former Lehigh County Comm'r Lisa Scheller attracted attention when she expanded an innovative scholarship program at Lehigh County Community College, enabling high school students to obtain both an associate's' degree and high school diploma simultaneously. At that time, I speculated about her possible interest in Congress. Scheller told me she expected to make a decision soon. It appears she's taking the plunge. She's scheduled an announcement for this morning, 10:30 am, at Renaissance Allentown Hotel.

If she's running, it will be for the LV Congressional seat currently held by Susan Wild.


Anonymous said...

Rah! Good for our valley and our country.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Hope she beats the omppalumpa they need her back in toyland.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully she is a moderate similar to Dent. He did a great job for the Valley. I will vote for anyone who is a moderate. We need more of them in Congress to break up this far left, far right agenda.

Anonymous said...

Last thing we need is another Repub to enable Trump's gross negligence.

Plus her Twitter feed has her standing next to "the next President" Scott Walker!! How embarrassing.