Thursday, October 17, 2019

NorCo Council Gets Bridge Update

Though Northampton Couny's General Purpose Authority is overseeing a bridge project for the repair or replacement of nearly 30 county bridges, there are still a number of bridges the County is doing on its own. Last night, Public Works Director Mike Emili updated Council on these projects

The Mill St Bridge (#115), located in Bath, should be open to traffic in beginning of November "at the latest."

Another Bath area bridge on Stone Post Road (#118) along with a Plainfield Tp bridge on Sandt Rd (226) were closed in August for latex concrete modified overlays. Both re-opened to traffic early this month. A third bridge on Illick's Mill Road (#93) has to be done inphases because traffic is heavy in that area.  It should be complete by the end of October.

The Meadows Bridge in Lower Saucon Township is part of the Lehigh Valley-wide TIP. Emili said he expects to hear from authorities by the end of the year with a progress timeline.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the folks in Tatamy can't wait for an update on the bridge that was ripped out near the former Tatamy Farm Bureau. Bridge torn down last spring and nary a worker to be seen since. Bridge approaches have plastic orange fence on each side. Only a matter of time until we learn of some tragedy there.

Anonymous said...

Brown rushed the P3 ( no thought of ROW or utilities) and McClure made it into a political issue pissing off the contractor and now you see the ramifications of him sticking his nose into something he could have made better , instead of dividing all parties involved. Could have brought many of the older structures up to current standards, now all we get is more increased maintenance and higher future construction cost . Brilliant ! Should have had input into this from those who knew the issues of these bridges instead of politicians / attorneys thinking they know best. Typical lefty.

Anonymous said...

you must have a reading & comprehension problem if you think anybody in the left voted for or made this P-3 contract.
It was Brown and his attorneys, you know the brilliant Right wingers and business geniuses like yourself?

Anonymous said...

to 2:13 reply: Who runs council and whom is in charge now making matters worse. Not Brown who started this mess by rushing it. This administration has made it worse instead of working to make it work. Pure stupidity ! Idea of the P3 was good but again rushed. PennDOT wasn't living up to its financial responsibilities thru transportation bills and the LFT to replace aging structures that the county owns. This current group wants to act like a bunch of kids and have it their way or no way and run with the ball and go home when not having their way with things. They could have made Brown look like an idiot by fixing things, but chose to start a war with the lawyers, engineers, municipalities and the contractor (who is not at fault with most of this). It is no wonder long time employees who really know the issues are fed up with this group.

Christopher Moren said...

Fixing bridges should never be a political issue. It's a matter of safety. As the Mayor of the Borough of Tatamy, I can say first hand how disgusted I am over all of this. This P3 contract is, in my opinion a disaster. They demo'd 1/3 of what was a structurally deficient but functional bridge back in April. They promised us six to eight weeks to completion. Here we are in late October ... no bridge, no plan, nothing.

What has been done is nothing short of inexcusable. Someone, somewhere needs to be held accountable for this mess, get it fixed, and, above all else, FIX OUR BRIDGE! Not for me, but for the people of our community and, perhaps more importantly, for the adjacent business owners who rely on it every day.

Christopher Moren
Mayor, Tatamy Borough