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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Judge Giordano Has a Party

Judge Giordano and his former law clerks
Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano, who has been criss-crossing the state in his quest for a seat on the Superior Court, had a chance to relax night with friends at the Hotel Bethlehem.It might have been a fundraiser, but Judge Giordano was only asking for ten. Not $10,000 or even $10. Ten votes.

So this Spring, I will have to vote for Judge Giordano ten times.As a Democrat, I'm used to that sort of thing.

I told people Judge Giordano had invited me to this event, and they bought it. I was able to wolf down three helpings of shrimp before security got wise and tossed me.

I love these judge events because they attract people from both parties, and they generally are very positive.

Lehigh County DA Jim Martin was there. Judge Giordano credited him as "running the best race possible - unopposed." NorCo Judge Paula Roscioli was there, and I wanted to get her picture just as my camera died. By the time I got new batteries in, she had vanished. Some say she jumped out a window when she saw me coming.

All three of the Northampton County judge candidates - Abe Kassis, Sam Murray and Vic Scomilio - were present. We are very lucky because any one of them would be excellent on the bench.

Jeff Kocsis (left) and Shawn Martell (right)
Bethlehem City Council candidates Shawn Martell and Jeff Kocsis got some special treatment. Like Judge Giordano and yours truly, they are graduates of both Becahi and Moravian.

City Council member Eric Evans was unable to make it, but his beautiful wife was there, and he should send her to all his functions. Eric had the best of all possible excuses for his absence. Baseball. For that reason alone, he deserves re-election. When his wife mentioned he was at baseball practice, Judge Giordano bowed his head, and I genuflected.

Robert Freedburg, former President Judge of Northampton County, has agreed to sign on as counsel to Judge Giordano's campaign committee. Former Judge Bill Moran has also endorsed Judge Giordno's campaign.  

The most touching part of the night was when Judge Giordano called on his former law clerks to come up with him. He had taught several of them at Moravian.

What's really appealing about Judge Giordano is that he is the same person he was when he was first elected. He has assumed no airs. At basketball and baseball games, people know him as Emil, not judge. I was talking to a fairly partisan democrat who sat on the jury twice for Judge Giordano. He could not get over how nice and decent a person he is. And he is, on and off the bench.

But what most don't know is that he is an excellent coach.  He brings out the best in young kids learning baseball or basketball. Unlike many of those involved in organized youth sports, he teaches the kids to have fun. The end result has been several championships.


Bernie O'Hare said...

Three comments, two of them anonymous personal attacks at judges, have been deleted.

Anonymous said...

He's simply one of the most competent and likable political figures to emerge from this area. I haven't felt good voting in a long time. I will when I vote for Emil, however. What a refreshing change.

Anonymous said...

Three comments, two of them anonymous personal attacks at judges, have been deleted

That's because a few people here believe the law doesn't apply to them, or that their interpretation of the law is better than those who do it for a living. These are useless, bitter, morally bankrupt people with nothing to contribute to American society.

Emil's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Any one would be great except Vic! He was a John Brown puppet and he should go away and hope that everyone forget that!