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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Farmhouse Mews Moves Closer to Reality

Farmhouse Mews
What would you do if someone showed up at your house with 1,500 yard waste toters? Big ones, too, at 96 gallons each? That's not your problem, but it will soon be a headache for Hanover Township Public Works Director Vince Milite. At their April 14 meeting, Supervisonrs voted 4-0 to spend $74,412 to buy 1,475 of these wheeled trash cans for residents. Most of the money for this purchase comes from recycling grants.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with them," Milite stated, but predicted they will go fast. "We've been getting calls after calls after calls."

Hanover ordered 1,300 of these yard-waste toters once before, and Milite explained there even was a waiting list for them.

In other business, Supervisors voted 4-0 to increase the purchasing authority of Township Manager Jay Finnigan and Director of Administration Ryan Kish. They will be able to make purchases up to $18,000 without seeking approval of Supervisors. Previously, the level was set at $15,000.

Finally, Supervisors reviewed Farmhouse Mews, an interesting combined use of retail stores and residential townhouses at a 16.35 acre tract located the southeast intersection of Airport and Hanoverville Road. It's located both in Hanover and East Allen Townships. This is an Abe Atiyeh proposal, and he sent his engineer, David Harte, and in-house counsel, Mickey Thompson, to review the plans with Supervisors. They directed their Solicitor, Jim Broughal, to begin work on some zoning changes to make Atiyeh's dream become reality.

That dream is 20 retail units (1,000 sq ft each) at the intersection, in what appears to be a strip mall. To the east, there are 88 upscale clustered townhouses, to be built by Ryan Homes. Only 20 of these townhouses will be in Hanover Township, with the southerly most home located at least two football fields away from the nearest home in Hanover Township. These homes will be surrounded by an expanse of open space, to be maintained by a homeowners' association.

Engineer Harte accommodated concerns about stormwaters with two huge basins for runoff. He also stated that there is both sewer and transmission capacity at the site.

Because this project is located in two townships, it's unclear exactly how long it will take Atiyeh to get the necessary approvals.

Glenn Walbert was detained out of state and was absent. So was Manager Jay Finnigan, so Director of Administration Ryan Kish assumed Finnigan's duties.

"The view up here is comfortable," Kish stated as his report. "I could get used to this."


Anonymous said...

I thought Abe was opposed to over development. Oh, wait! That was only when HE doesn't stand to make a handsome profit.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do like the cluster and all the open space.

Anonymous said...

More underwelming sprawl in an already congested Hanover Township.

Anonymous said...

Zoning changes to accommodate a single developer? That is potentially a problem. Normally you prove you deserve variances. What changes would be made to pave the yellow brick road for honest Abe?

Bernie O'Hare said...

The change, which I understand is a text change, is to provide for an overlay district that allows cluster housing. It is permitted by right in East Allen. I'm no expert, but tend to doubt this is spot zoning.

Anonymous said...

Industrial toters are the way to go. The cheap bins some municipalites provide become trash themselves after 2 years of use. Bulk purchasing is the way to go. The small 37 gallon toters from local supplier cost as much as the 96 gallon toters purchased in mass. What does Hanover use for recycling?

Anonymous said...

Good thing there's not a real airport in the area. Hate to spend $300+K on a home in a flight path!

Anonymous said...

The totes are intended for yard waste. I believe Township public works collects once a month during warm weather and dumps at the Bethlehem Recylcing Center. Looking forward to getting one as I missed out on the last round.

Anonymous said...

Hanover provides sturdy single stream recycling barrels that I believe cost $15 or $20 at the township hall. I've had mine 15 years. The yard waste container is a study 96 gallon industrial barrel that can be lifted by the yard waste truck. Nothing cheap or flimsy in Hanover.

BTW, the proposal is not in the flight path.