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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blackout in Nazareth, West End

From Nazareth Mayor Carl Strye: The west end of Nazareth will be out of power thru tonight as a result of an automobile accident this afternoon. The car took out a total of four telephone polls. Met Ed and PPL are on the scene now and will be working thru the night.Spring Street, Seip Avenue, Phoenix Street and the lower end of Stoudt Blvd. are closed.


Anonymous said...

The Express-Times article said "police are not identifying" the individual. Why is this?

Anonymous said...

They say the guy fell asleep. But he had to have negotiated a turn, or at least the bend on Seip Ave., in the seconds leading to the crash. Something's fishy. Could have been a council member? Or Glenn Reibman?

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it anon 1:33. Narcolepsy is funny. Right Bernie? What a good belly laugh.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am going to allow any comment attacking Reibman's narcolepsy bc it drives you nuts.