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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Bethlehem's Pothole and Graffiti Hotlines

From City of Bethlehem: - Mayor Bob Donchez encourages Bethlehem residents to take advantage of the City’s Pothole Hotline and Graffiti Hotline:

Pothole Hotline: 610-865-7053
Graffiti Hotline: 610-865-7060

“As spring arrives after another difficult winter, I encourage everyone to use our Pothole Hotline so we can repair our streets where potholes have occurred,” said Mayor Donchez. “Additionally, we want to make sure our city looks as good as it can, so if you see graffiti be sure to contact the Graffiti Hotline.”

Using these hotlines will promptly alert the necessary city departments to the work that needs to be completed, so that city crews can be dispatched in a timely matter to address both potholes and graffi

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Anonymous said...

Church st along Nisky hill cemetery is one whole pothole.