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Monday, April 20, 2015

Vic Scomillio Appeals For Votes at Candidates' Night

Vic Scomillio
Two Democrats, Abe Kassis and Sam Murray, and one Republican, Vic Scomillio, are running for the judicial seat left open when Judge Edward Smith was appointed a U.S. District Court Judge for the Eastern District of Pa. Because he's a Republican, Scomillio was given an opportunity to say something about himself and his campaign during the candidates' night hosted Thursday by Northampton County Republicans.

He told the audience he has been practicing law for 17 years. He spent his first two year clerking for Judge Robin Simpson, who now sits on the Commonwealth Court. After that, he became a litigator. He is certified to try death penalty cases and has spent 15 years providing legal advice to those who lack the means to pay for an attorney. He also spent a year as the County Solicitor and is a former president of the bar association. Nine former presidents of the bar association support his candidacy. He is a member of St. Jane's Parish,, and also belongs to the Knights of Columbus and UNICO. He volunteers in local youth sports and in boy scouts.

"I want to protect the values that we all share. I want to protect the communities that we all enjoy. ... A judge is not elected to legislate from the bench, but to apply the law to the facts."


Anonymous said...

Now the voters must apply the facts to Scomillio! Victor was the WORST mentor council to Brown. He used his position for his own political gain to run for a position as JUDGE! He had NO knowledge about the county charter and resigned when he got the heat from his announcement to run as a candidate!Appy NO for JUDGE!

Anonymous said...

Vic is well qualified for a judgeship. However, his reputation has been stained by his association with the Brownstain. Hopefully he can jettison that ballast and win.

Anonymous said...

If you are an associate of Brown...
You are toast in this election

Anonymous said...

Scomillio ignored both the law and the facts in his short disasterous term as Solicitor. Add arrogance to the mix and you have an unqualified non entity