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Monday, April 20, 2015

U.S. Senate Candidate Ed Pawlowski Illegally Took Corporate Money

On Friday, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski declared that he's a candidate for the U.S. Senate. He 's hoping democrats flock to his banner and help him sink the USS Pat Toomey, arguing that he's much more adept at such a task than a retired Admiral or other candidates who may come forward. Pawlowski is actually a walking, talking ethical cesspool who has demonstrated, time and again, that lacks the integrity for any office. Now he's illegally accepting corporate money despite state laws that clearly make it illegal.

Pawlowski has actually run afoul of campaign finance reporting laws at least three times since he was elected mayor in 2005. In 2007, Hizzoner attempted to get away with using campaign funds to pay a $270 fine for a late report. He was ordered him to pay the money out of his own pocket. In 2008, he filed a bogus report, falsely claiming his coffers were empty, when he actually raised $101,599. He was ordered to amend that report, too. In 2009, he listed a $8,000 payment on election day for "miscellaneous canvassers," without bothering to list who they were or where they live. Ordered to do so, we learned that he trolled an Easton homeless shelter for his 26 campaign workers.

After three blatant violations of campaign finance laws, you might think he's learned his lesson. You'd be wrong. A cursory review of his 2014 filings reveals that he illegally accepted corporate money.

One law that still exists, notwithstanding the Citizens United decision, is the outright ban on corporate contributions in Pennsylvania to the committees of candidates seeking public office.

In plain defiance of that law, Pawlowski accepted the following corporate contributions:
  • Cityline Development Corporation, registered as a business corporation with the Department of State, donated $2,500 on 10/9/14. 
  • Supremo Foods, a NJ corporation, donated $2,500 on 10/6/14. 
  • Superior Tile, which is either a LLC or business corporation, donated $500 on 10/6/14. (A LLC may contribute, but only if treated as a partnership for federal tax purposes)
  • McGreggor Industries, which is not registered and therefore is an unincorporated association or a foreign corporation, donated $1,000 on 9/17/14.  
This will mark the fourth time that Pawlowski has violated state campaign finance laws since 2007.


Anonymous said...

There is a mention of a campaign contribitor in this article that contributed a donation of five hundred dollars that implicates the king and some in the administration in the very activity the king publicly called out¿ Right now there is this same type of activity going on with help from allentown imps on 1400 unit block of Gordon street properties¿

There is no truths published about this deed researchers activities¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...

And I'd still vote for this horse's ass over Toomey.

Anonymous said...

8:38 - You need help with your period button.

Anonymous said...

re: horse's ass

Some will vote only for their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Hey horsesasshole we see in the truly investigative media outlet and the ommited fact that everone knows who and what is doing these dirty deeds but in this cul de sac most fear for there lives and the lives of there children because of the RePrecussions of bringing this underhaned public servant sectors theft of public funds into the light of day¿

Go in peace and serve your lord of darkness u pos, because all that is done in darkness will come to light¿

patent pending

Anonymous said...

So Ed is going after Sestak, the same man that took down Arlen Specter? Someone point me to the nearest bookie, I have a bet to make.

hottarandfeathers said...

He gave 30,000 to millionare developers money for small business ir marked for start ups.The money was given while Joe Hanna former police chief was there.Wheres DOJ?