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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech Turns Sally Into a Pink Lady

Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech students with Sally
When you see her, hundreds of names will likely be written all over her lovely pink body. Her name is Sally, but she wasn't always a pink lady. Until recently, she was an aging, rusting decommissioned firetruck, ready for the scrap heap. Thanks to Pink Heals LV founder Bill Andress and Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech, the 1962 pumper can continue to lives.

Pink Heals is a movement that recognizes the importance of women and raises money to help fight all illnesses that visit them.Nancy Run firefighter Bill Andress was so impressed by the pink firetrucks when they toured the Lehigh Valley in 2013 that he and his wife vowed to form their own chapter.

Yarilee Rodriguez  and Katiane Rodriguez
"Women are the foundation of everything,": Bill stated.

But first, he needed a firetruck. He found a 1962 red pumper that had a few dings, scratches and the rust that is so inevitable in a truck that old. Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech's auto collision repair class, took on the challenge of turning it into a pink lady. Under the guidance of Bill Gruschow, they did the body work, heat to toe, and then painted her pink.

The paint job had a lady's touch. Yarilee Rodriguez (10th grade) and Katiane Rodriguez (11th grade) were among the students who helped transform Sally.

Sally will be dedicated at Steelstacks on May 16. You can read more about Sally and PinkHealsLV on their Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Mmm - the camera loves a pretty face.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They are two pretty faces and I photographed them to show that females participate in this class.

Anonymous said...

Nice article Bernie. Good job as always. Chief Hauze

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thank,s, Chief, The credit for this goes to Bill and the great Vo-Tech students.