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Friday, April 17, 2015

RATs Are No-Shows at GOP Debate

Northampton County Republicans should take a well-deserved bow for the debate they sponsored last night at Northampton Community College. Though only Republican candidates participated in the forum, it was open to the public and over 50 people attended. Unfortunately, I missed the debate myself because I was covering Northampton County. But NorCo Vice Chair Lee Snover has video, and I will upload it so you can see and hear the candidates. The only disappointment is that the RAT candidates, along with Paul Weiss, were no-shows despite phone calls and emails. These candidates missed an opportunity to share their views with voters.

Anthony Catino, one of two write-in candidates for controller, never appeared. The other controller write-in candidate, Ron Angle, addressed the audience, as did judicial candidate Vic Scomillio.

All County council candidates appeared and spoke.

Bethlehem Township Commissioner candidates Phil Barnard, Art Murphy, Tom Nolan and Marty Zawarski, also weighed in on Township issues.


Lighthouse said...

It certainly says a lot about one's campaign--and hence "leadership"-- style, and knowledge (or lack thereof) of Township issues if one is afraid to face the public and tell them why anyone should vote for you. Considering this was organized by the NorCo GOP, and the Republican challengers don't even respond to the invite, let alone show up? Again, to me that speaks to style and hidden agendas.

Unfortunately I had a meeting tonight at another organization I am involved with, otherwise I would have attended. So I am glad there is video so we can watch the whole thing and the Q & A in context. I applaud all of those who showed. If you don’t have the courage to say what you stand for in public, don’t even bother asking for our votes. Covert/stealth whisper campaigns--or campaign by flier-- are insulting to the voters, the process, and the transparency of government. Here was a prime opportunity to introduce yourself to the voters and media, and some candidates who expect your vote refused to show or even the courtesy to reply. Voters, please note their names: Birk, Blatz, and Buller. I’ll take at face value that Weiss was ill. Thank you to all who at least deserve consideration because they showed up.

That said, unfortunately negative whispers, and a well-timed flier, in a two and three-way municipal primary election can win. As I have said in the past, voters, you get and deserve the government you elect.

Anonymous said...

Where is it said that Paul Weiss was ill?

Anonymous said...

They had no reason to go. The Angle wing of the party(the one that loses) controls the status quo Republicans and have tilted the playing field.

The old musty guard hate the new blood and treat them like crap.

Anonymous said...

RATS never really existed. The last election indicated that. But it was fun pretending.

Lighthouse said...

are you saying THAT is the agenda of those who refused to attend, or even respond? No agenda on real issues before the Twp, just using the Twp as an experiment to wage some vague higher political power trip against the "Angle wing"? This race is for BT, not NorCo.

But let me guess? Whether by door-to-door, flier, or email, there will probably be generic talking points about "fiscal responsibility," or "tax pledges", or "second amendment," or some other political Pavlovian buzzword(s) while not talking about real specific issues before the Township like: development and its positive and negative impacts; balanced tax base; Green Pond; Housenick; parks/Community Center/restrooms at Meyer lane; support for or against Vol. Fire Companies or Athletic Associations; or even garbage haulers. Instead, a stealth campaign lacking of any transparency?

Boy, I hope you really don't speak for those candidates who refused to show up.

Anonymous said...

The forum was well run with great questions. You really got a feel for candidates and their views. I applaud Lee and Howard for their efforts.

Anonymous said...

The angle wing that swept county races last election?? Loses? Are you blind or just dumb?

Anonymous said...

Was the TEA PARTY candidate Kassis there? He solicited their support and met with them to get his petitions circulated. Kassis should have been invited as one of their own!

Anonymous said...

The Lee and Angle show accomplished what it was intended to accomplish.

Lighthouse said...

2:10, or did the NON-appearance of candidates "accomplish what it was intended to accomplish"?

When I look on another forum, I see comments "against" candidate(s) who actually showed up and had the honesty and courage to say how they stand. However, as far as those commentors know if they vote "for" one of the opponents who never had the courage to show up and tell you how they stand, they may/may not be voting for the exact same position they are against!! The "no-shows" accomplished what they wanted in their stealth campaign by exposing the views of some candidates, while being silent of their own and allowing voters to project their opinions on the cowardly non-attenders. Voters will be played like dumb Pavlovian dogs.