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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

State Senator Mario Scavello Made Honorary Hanover Tp Resident

Last month, State Senator Mario Scavello dropped in on a meeting of Upper Mount bethel Township's Board of Supervisors. He's just been elected, so I did not expect to see him again for another four years. He proved me wrong. Not only did he make the rounds in Upper Mount Bethel, but said he plans to hit every municipality in his senatorial district over the next year, and then return again. He told them he'e here to help.

After he left, Supervisors discussed an emergency generator they need, and joked they should have asked for some help. Well, Senator Scavello read about it on this very blog, and Upper Mount Bethel is getting that generator.

Last night, Senator Scavello, true to his word, visited Hanvoer Township's Board. He was leaving from there to go to Allen Township.

He will be visiting each of the forty municipalities in his district as often as possible.

I'll be seeing a lot of him.

Steve Salveson joked that Scavello should have an office in Hanover when he's ready to go "upscale." Actually, Scavello is working on plans to do that, and have a staffer available one day a week, either in the Municipal Building or at the community center.

Upon hearing this, Township Manager Jay Finnigan handed Senator Scavello a new resident package and welcomed him to the community.

"There's even a map in case you get lost," joked Finnigan.


Anonymous said...

Seems like this board loves to "joke around".. Inserted of being faux show business folks, maybe they should work at the job they were elected to do.

You are o9t celebrities and you are not that funny. Stop trying to be and get serious about your jobs.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Take your drug cosktail

Anonymous said...

12:31 a.m. Come live in the best municipality in the Lehigh Valley. The Supervisors and staff do do their jobs. Jealously will get you no where. Time for your meds!

Matt M. said...

I admit, I was very nervous about the big money he was packing before he even hit the primary. He certainly is doing a far better job than most state legislators of both parties. As a Dem, I will give credit where credit is due, and Senator Scavello is certainly trying his very hardest to represent his district to the best of his ability.

Anonymous said...

It would appear Finnegan was blogging early today.