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Monday, April 27, 2015

Stoffa Sez: Get Off the Sofa and Vote For Murray

John Stoffa at his farm
Do you remember when we had a Northampton County Executive who was actually respected by the employees, even when they were mad at him? A man who financed his second term campaign completely out of his own pocket, refusing to take a dime from anyone? A man who stood for honesty and fairness? A man who actually believed in transparency?. A man who though people matter just a little more than numbers? A man who always had a corny joke?. That man, John Stoffa, was Northampton County's Executive for eight years. His integrity was and remains beyond reproach. Sadly, men like him are rare. And he is making a rare endorsement. John Stoffa wants you to get off the sofa and vote for Murray in May.

Stoffa is the second former NorCo Executive to ask you to support Sam. Jerry Seyfried, who gave Sam a job when he was County Executive, did that last week.

Like any good man, both Stoffa and Seyfried have detractors. Some are the usual anonymous trolls. Others are those who resented the fairness of these true public servants. They made this little corner of the world a better place. They think Sam can do so, too.


Anonymous said...

Get a room already,

Holy God

Anonymous said...

sofa stoffa and angle belong on the farm where they can only harm little animals

Anonymous said...

Staffa was respected. Even when you didn't agree with him. He's a man with dignity! Thank you John for your 8 years, from a retiree!

Anonymous said...

So Stoffa and Seyfried like him? That's good enough for me. No vote for Murray.

Anonymous said...

Employees should miss John Stoffa. I know I wish he were back and not the crazed person in charge now. What a mess at the county John.

Anonymous said...

They don't miss him at all. This is the guy that started all the animosity between county employees and other citizens. He and Angle and their vindictive dump Gracedale campaign is still being felt today. They, through this blog encouraged the entire "union thugs and goons" narrative that continues today.

An old vindictive man who created a firestorm of hate. Not missed at all.

Anonymous said...

Please stay on the sofa!