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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

GOP Controller Write-In Candidate Has Only Voted Five Times

Last week, I told you about modeling hopeful Anthony Catino's write-in campaign for NorCo Controller. He calls himself a "young conservative." He's 28, and that's like a baby on my book. But is he a conservative? That's debatable. Until June 2014, he was a Democrat.

By the by, he's only voted five times. His record at the polls is as spotty as John Brown's.

But he's pretty good at twerking, I'm told. That might come in handy at a Council meeting.

Catino should have voted as many as 20 times by now. Ironically, he is seeking write-in primary votes, but he himself has only ever voted in general elections in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and last year.

In 2013, when Brown was running for Executive, Catino voted as a Democrat.

In a recent Facebook entry, Catino describes the Controller as "a third leg of government independent of the county executive and council." I see. I guess the judiciary is not a branch of government. He's a little light when it comes to county government.

But that's to be expected from an aspiring model who took this marvelous selfie in drag.. Maybe that's his Easter dress.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for a cross dressing Democratic tranny over Angle and his circus any day. Anthony has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I see the correlation between voting in off year primaries and being able to successfully serve as an elected official.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like Barron coasts to victory in the fall. Congratulations, Steve!

Anonymous said...

What's with NorCo controller candidates and dresses? This guy seems like a blast, though. In the "who would you rather have a beer with" poll, he winds hands down over lispy Steve. ABB (anybody but Barron). Shots shots shots!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This would be an interesting evaluation for municipal government candidates.

Anonymous said...

"He was a democrat."

So was Ron Angle.

"He wore a dress."

So did Bernie O'Hare and got caught in a courthouse men's room.

This poor young man had no idea the top Angle apologist and poison posse was going to tear him to shreds.

Peter J.Cochran said...

This candidate must have 'Character'! He is probably a a former skateboarder kicked off some municipal venues stairwell. Now well show them.!

Anonymous said...

Stop attacking this young man. He is an unknown. We all know what Angle is and voters have said no thanks.

This guy could possibly beat the Baroness. Ron Angle will get destroyed in a race since the voters are tired of his antics and circus.

Anonymous said...

I met this guy, nice man. Take him any day over Angle. So will voters.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Anthony Catino before I would ever vote for Ron Angle. I would rather have someone like him running instead of Ron...


Lets take a look at this article.....um...this is one of many!!

So us as the people lets take a double look at this!! Would be rather someone that had a good time at a wedding or someone like Ron who does nothing good for the community?
Anthony young and would be a fresh look on our community. We need someone like Anthony to open the eyes to the younger generations to get out there and be more involved with the community.

Bernie O'Hare said...

And he would probably create a job for the person who has to drive him to and from the courthouse.