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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Perils of Running For Bethlehem City Council

Jeff Kocsis
I saw Jeff Kocsis, one of three candidates for a two-year seat on Bethlehem City Council, at my satellite office (Panera Bread) yesterday. He stopped there for a tall cup of coffee after work at the Lehigh County Register of Wills. He tried to dart away when he saw me, but I blocked the door. I finally let him go after he gave me his number. When I called later that night, Willie Reynolds answered.

He got me good.

Jeff's been knocking on doors all over Bethlehem. "I do enjoy it," he admitted, but had a close call last weekend.

Most people aren't home when candidates knocks on doors. So Jeff writes out a little "Sorry I missed you" note and sticks it in the door with a flier. He was doing that on Sunday when he saw a dog at someone's home, not too pleased to see him.

Maybe the dog was a Republican.

Because it was behind a closed window, Jeff was unconcerned.

"What kind of dog was it?"

"Couldn't tell you."

As Jeff walked away, out of nowhere, the dog jumps him from behind, like a ninja, and sinks his fangs into the back of his thigh.

"Holy shit! Where'd the dog come from?"

"Couldn't tell you."

Jeff finally got away.

"It got me good!"

Kocsis' mom and recently departed father both worked two jobs to make sure he got through Becahi and Moravian College. He told me he's proud to be from Bethlehem. "I love it here.".

"I'm a dog guy, you know."

He's running on a "clean and safe " platform. In my view, this is the foundation from which everything else flows.

"I've got a Shepherd."

Maybe that dog was a Liberty grad.

Last time I got bit by a dog, which was just last year during those Lenten feasts in Roseto, the dog got rabie and had to be put down.

I'm a carrier.


Anonymous said...

i like him, but i prefer candidates from the "dirty and dangerous" school of thought

Anonymous said...

He is a nice guy but the other one is from the Callahan/Reynolds camp.

Anonymous said...

And the other guy is probably exponentially outspending Kocsis and Olga too. Its sad that even local elections are outside the reach of us average guys and gals anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Callahan/Reynolds group is willing to invest in their candidates. The Morganelli crowd is tight with their cash, unless it is one of their very close circle.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Callie break the sink st the Apollo??

Bernie O'Hare said...

What is the point of this anonymous personal attack? You refuse to identify yourself because you would be ashamed if people knew who you are.

Louie Denaldo said...

Bernie...it's prob a crazy v conservative!