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Monday, April 27, 2015

How Stoffa and Brown Paid Top Officials

At the request of Council members Bob Werner and Ken Kraft, NorCo Controller Steve Barron has done a pay comparison for the top officials in the John Stoffa and John Brown administrations. Stoffa consistently said NO to many top officials seeking higher wages because he felt it was unfair to reward them when others were forced to make do with less.

Directors of Administration: John Conklin v. Luis Campos


Starting: $84, 420.96
Ending: $100, 637.66
Change: $16, 216.70
Salary Increases were given at the same time and consistently with all other county employees.


Starting: $87,837.57
Ending: N/A
No raises given at this time. Starting Salary $3,416.61 higher than John Conklin or about 4% higher.

Ass't Directors of Administration Tom Harp v.. Cathy Allen


Starting: $42, 406.21
Ending: $48,393.07
Change: $5,986.86
When John Conklin resigned, Harp took over as Director of Administration. His starting salary was $77,307.36 and he ended at $87, 837.57. That's the starting salary for the current incumbent in the position.


Starting: $57, 459.58
Current: $68, 554.93
Change: $11, 095.35
Approximately $3,500 is a non-permanent raise for working out of class since there was no director of Human Resources. Ms. Allen has been in the position for just over a year at the time of this analysis. This is a 19.3% Payhike in one year, if you count the "temporary" raise..

Fiscal Affairs Directors Vic Mazziotti v. Jim Hunter


Starting: $88, 219.87
Ending: $105, 204.11
Change: $16, 984.24
Salary Increases were given at the same time and consistently with all other county employees.


Starting: 87, 837.57
Ending: N/A
No raises given at this time. Starting salary is $382.30 lower than Vic Mazziotti or less than 1% lower.

Sheriffs Randy Miller v. David Dalrymple


Starting: $76, 997.02
Ending: $87, 485.01
Change: $10, 487.99
Salary Increases were given at the same time and consistently with all other county employees.


Starting: $94, 422.03
Ending: N/A
No raises given at this time. Starting salary is $6, 937.01 higher than Randy Miller or about 7.8% higher.

Corrections Directors Robert Meyers v. Daniel Keen


Starting: $77, 307.36
Ending: $82, 603.66
Change: $5, 296.30
Salary Increases were given at the same time and consistently with all other county employees.


Starting: $100, 237.28
Ending: N/A
No raises at the same time. Starting salary is $17, 633.62 higher than Robert Meyers or about 21% higher.

Note: John Stoffa had no Deputy Director of Public Works. John Brown's Deputy Director is being paid   $86,647.00 per year, about $4,000 more his starting salary. An Assistant Director of Administration was vacant most of John Stoffa’s first term time in office


Anonymous said...

For a guy who is supposed to be "conservative", Brown is very liberal with taxpayer dollars when it comes to paying off his top administrators. Especially his buddy Allen. At a time when most employees are seeing little of no pay increases, and are seeing more of their paychecks going to cover health care costs, Brown has the nerve to reward his cronies by paying them far more than they are worth. Brown is a bum. He thinks county government is his own private business. Council is supposed to be watchdog of the county purse. Let's see if they have the guts to hammer Brown on his excessive spending on his cabinet salaries.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brown and party need to be voted out of office.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

7:15. MezzacrappA get a job and stop sponging off of the system.

Anonymous said...

7:15 is one of Brown's BROWN-NOSERS. Or possibly TM. Although she really does not need to get up this early without a job.

Anonymous said...

SQUELLING? Time to return to HS or even grade school for spelling classes, genius.

Anonymous said...

brown's a real fiscal conservative boy! where's the shared sacrifice? what a joke.

Anonymous said...

@7:15 -- how are unions greedy pigs when John Brown is the one with his hand in the cookie jar constantly giving out raises. Not very fiscally conservative in my book.

Anonymous said...

If you're typing "SQUELLING," it's time to learn "SPELLING."

Anonymous said...

Has Brown proposed debt spending to purchase $186,000 parking spaces?

Can't shoo-in County Executive Callahan do something about this?

Anonymous said...

For several years Stoffa kept the Director of Fiscal Affairs position vacant saving the county $400,000+. He did not fill the exempt administrative assistance position when the incumbent retired, saving another $100 K +. Mr. Conservative Brown fills both of those positions with cronies costing the taxpayers more than $150 K a year. Plus overall Stoffa paid his cabinet less money. So, Brownie can fill all these high-level positions with his cronies for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than his predecessor, then raise the workforce's insurance co-pays and make them work twice as hard by not filling positions. A real "man of the people." And he has had the nerve to call the county workforce "our most important asset." Bullshit. He takes care of his own and the common worker can be damned. Council should be outraged.

Anonymous said...

"Plus overall Stoffa paid his cabinet less money."

And we got what we paid for, as is usually the case.

Anonymous said...

We got better people for less money. That is a bargain, which taxpayers deserve. Not like the overpriced clowns in this administration.

Anonymous said...

I like Stoffa because he tried to get rid of that money bleeding albatross of union jobs program that masquerades as a county home. Soffa was a visionary. He was ignored and ridiculed and personally insulted - especially by members of his own party. As it turns out, he was right all along and we should have listened to him.

Anonymous said...

Conklin made a nice haul.

Was John's fiscal conservatism the reason he was called such vile names by members of his own party? They hated when the executive didn't spend and they hate when the executive does spend. They're like Eagles fans. They simply hate everything and everyone. What a wonderful workforce. It doesn't matter who the exec is. They'll hate him and hurl insults and threats, regardless. Ho frickin hum.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The wemployees always admired and respected Stoffa. People like yuou hurled the hate.

Anonymous said...

You really are twisting the numbers to make your benefactor Stoffa look good.

Why not tell us what Conklin was hired for and what he was making 18 moths later? It is a straight forward question. Answer it an let the people decide if it was right or wrong. You won't put that out there because that would be really honest. Instead you compare apples to oranges.

Why dodge the obvious?

employee who respects honesty.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm twisting nothing. This comes from Barron, no friend to Stoffa. Conklin got raises when others got them. It's called fairness. That and honesty are two features you lack. You have been proven a liar.

Anonymous said...

Instead of calling names and deflecting why not answer the great question form anon 4:22.

"Why not tell us what Conklin was hired for and what he was making 18 moths later?"

Good Question

Anonymous said...

What, was Conklin a bug light, attracting 18 moths? Learn to spell geniuses!

Anonymous said...

Good question. Why not just answer the question?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Read what is written. Conklin's salary was increased in a manner commensurate with other employees. You have been proven a liar.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, it appears that Brown gave Allen a huge raise in a short amount of time. You showed a report that compares Conklin's raises over years, as opposed to the short time for Allen.

I think the question asked is valid. How much of Conklin's raises did he get in the first year and one half. I have been told it was as much a percentage as Allen's. If you post the amount then people can judge the truth for themselves.

Time is a factor also/. I am sure Stoffa paid his people more than Reibman as well. timing is important.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Did you read what Barron reported? "Salary Increases were given at the same time and consistently with all other county employees." You have been proved a liar. Again.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Go post some hate about Ken Mohr or something. I'm busy and don't have time for your bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Still avoiding the basic question. That says as much a san answer. Now we know what the real answer is.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah we do. The real answer is that you are an anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

I believe the question asker is a bit confused. My understanding is that John Conklin did in fact get more than a one step raise within his first two years of county employment.
The difference was that Stoffa sought and received county council permission to bump him up a few steps. Without looking at the specific numbers it is impossible to know what that percentage worked out to be. The information in the report does not really answer that question.

Anonymous said...

County employees despised Stoffa. He was the guy who unseated their clown, Reibman. Stoffa enjoyed more support from Rs, which is how he won.

Anonymous said...

Revisionist history, meat head! Stoffa knocked off Reibman in the DEMOCRAT primary. Only registered D's could vote. And many of them were likely county employees. Republicans had nothing to do with it. DUHHHHHH