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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Boscola's Congressional Hopes Fade, Thanks to Aide's Sexist Remarks

If Lisa Boscola was ever really serious about running for congress, she isn't anymore. Her chief of staff, Bernie Kieklak, has single-handedly managed to "clear the field" for Sam Bennett.

By day, Bernie Kieklak is an effective legislative aide in the land of midnight payraises. But in the evening hours, especially during a full moon, he changes into his blogging costume and becomes Bernie Takes No Prisoners (BTNP)! He fills this and many other blogs with entertaining, intelligent and edgy commentary. He's an insider who's easily a better writer than me or most anyone I know.

But over the past few weeks, he's posted increasingly bizarre and bigoted comments about nuking Iraqis and Muslim holy sites, followed by sexist rants directed at Sam Bennett and female bloggers.

Unfortunately for BTNP, The Morning Call has noticed. Washington correspondent Josh Drobnyk called me last night with a zillion questions.

"Sooo, you live in Nazareth?"

Yes, sir.

"Is that Nazareth proper?"

Yes, sir. (I'm not really sure. It might be Nazareth improper).

"Soooo, you're a title searcher?"

Yes, sir.

"Sooooo, Why didn't you delete these comments?"

(I'm sweating now). Well, they were made by a state senator's chief of staff, and she's eyeing a run at congress. It's important we know what her people say.

"What ... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

African or European?

Drobnyk, who had a deadline, quickly hung up. But I have a feeling a story is imminent, and it's unlikely Josh will publish the actual words used. So here's a few of the inflammatory nuggets from the "world according to BTNP, aka Bernie Kieklak."

May 28, Bernie's nuke'em Iraq solution:

1) Withdraw every American boy and girl who is over there. It is immoral, unconscionable, and against all of the principles our great country was founded upon for EVEN ONE American to die defending a savage, ruthless people who only want to kill us;

Drop the biggest, baddest nukes we have all over Iraq, but especially on their most sacred Muslim shrines;

3) Watch as their piece-of-shit, poor excuse for a country is vaporized and reduced to radioactive rubble;

4) Let Allah sort them out; and

5) Then take a good, hard look at the rest of the terrorists' nests in the Middle East (while we're re-loading), and ask ourselves one simple question, "Who's next?"

June 7, Kieklak's sensitive response to Look Out Lehigh Valley, a young Allentown Dem who happens to be a woman:

*) LOLV spends 4 hours a night deciding whether to wear the "fuck me like the pig that I am" pumps or the "fuck me like the slut I am" pumps;

*) Sammy Bennett is a phony political whore who gives good head and makes cheap, blatant political opportunists look like Mother Fucking Teresa. Even her pussy is made of plastic.

Look Out Lehigh Valley politely observed "it's real gross when grown men speak that way." That led to even more comments.

* Listen, Missy (or Sweetie or Piggy or whatever the homeless guys you bang call you), the LAST thing you want is my undivided attention;

* Save your femi-Nazi, psycho babble bullshit for when you're on the Springer Show talking about how your uncle raped your dog in your trailer and made you watch Rusty howl just like you do.

After I told BTNP his comments are sexist, he continued on his merry way.

I truly apologize. I didn't know I was posting on the Vatican's blog.

Because BTNP does work as a state senator's chief of staff, other bloggers and commenters tend to fawn over him. This is especially so since his boss, Lisa Boscola, was considering a run for congress. A few Dems hypocritically jumped on his sexist bandwagon.

Let me tell you what I think. I've never met Look Out Lehigh Valley and don't really care for Sam Bennett. But I got physically angry when BTNP implied LOLV was a tramp and vomited all that baloney about rape. It's indecent. What I detest most is the hypocricy of phonies like Kieklak and his ilk. They spout pious platitudes about "equality" and "equal opportunity" and "protecting a woman’s right to choose." But when you strip away the veneer, you still see sexists, racists and bigots. Now he's ranting about the first amendment. Well, don't I have a first amendment right to say his statements are offensive? That's a bullshit argument.


Hear that noise?

That's the air going out of Lisa Boscola's congressional ambition. If The Morning Call has picked up on this, you can rest assured Republicans are taking notes, too.

Update: The Morning Call has, indeed, published this story. "Asked whether he thought others might be offended by what he wrote, [Kieklak] responded, 'Do you think I care?' " That's why he needs to go.

Update #2: The Morning Call now reports that Bernie Kieklak has been suspended from his $94,172 job, without pay, and he'll be required to undergo some form of counseling. Kieklak has actually resigned, but Boscola has not yet accepted it.


Anonymous said...

What a shame about BTNP. Maybe the county will hire him if Lisa gives him the boot. Doesn't he work with that Jeff Warren who is running for office in Easton? Maybe they both can live off of Warrens campaign money.

Anonymous said...

I can see Dent's ads now, blasting Boscola for her Chief of Staff's comments. Good job Bernie K. You just managed to turn one of Senator Boscola's biggest strengths (she's a woman) into a weakness. The woman who hired the sexist pig. Well done.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's one thing to kid around. But once a woman (or a man for that matter) tells you you're out of line, you need to stop. BTNP just poured it on, and reduced Boscola's congressional ambitions to ashes. She's done. I didn't think she was serious about running, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I don't think BTNP has killed a Boscola run, althought there's no question that Shawn Millian is salivating at all of these comments. I agree with you Bernie, don't think she was serious about running anyways. But BTNP seriously just made life more difficult for Senator Boscola.

And that's forgetting the whole human decency aspect. What a scum-bag. If Lisa has any brains...or any sense of pride...or political intellegence...she'll fire BTNP. This is absolutely inexcusable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

BTNP, sent a "farewell" message to me, and it includes the following comment. I want Shawn Mullin to know that I meant every
word that I said (because it was all good)!
Some people never learn.

Anonymous said...

I have to swallow hard. You and I totally disagree on most county issues and particularly over our inept Executive. Initially I defended Bernies right to dish it out since we all get banged around. I remain annon. for now because I must, but trust in the fact I have taken my share of hits fairly and I feel at times unfairly. After reflecting and reading the posts I believe you are right on this issue. While we all talk about politics being a blood sport we all have to accept responsibility for our words and actions and decide if there are lines that we should not cross even if in jest.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 1:07,

It took more than a little courage to admit you were wrong and I appreciate that. Actually, I was concerned that a number of people were jumping onto BTNP's bandwagon.

We can disagree about Stoffa or other county issues, but we own our words. I could not let BTNP's comments pass unchallenged, especially since LOLV was offended by them. There is no room for racism, bigotry or sexism, even in politics.

I'm very happy to hear you've changed your mind on this point.

Blue Coyote said...

Lisa Boscola should follow in the words of George Washington - "...the government of the United States...gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance....".

Anonymous said...

1) i'm worried about bernie. these kinds of recent remarks are not typical for him.

2) the former does not mitigate the offensiveness of the statements.

3) lisa decided a while ago not to run, so it's all academic from that standpoint.

dang, go out of town for a few days...

Anonymous said...

dang. MC front page, above the fold. don't be surprised if your blog crashes from too many hits, Bernie.

Bernie O'Hare said...

BTNP is an intelligent and witty guy, but is way off base on this one.

Blue Coyote said...

In the Morning Call, Lisa Boscola is quoted as asking, "What, do you want me to fire him now?" Yes, Lisa, that's exactly what you should do. Bigotry and intolerance are "totally unacceptable" and no second chances are given.

BTNP still doesn't get it. He believes it's his God given constitutional right to be intolerant and has the right to be employed by our government. Isaac Hayes said, "There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry ... begins."

Lisa, second chances are for those that admit mistakes. BTNP does not believe he made a mistake. He believes that his right to free speech trumps sexism, bigotry, hatred and intolerance. Your only alternative is termination of his services. Your constituents expect nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Two Bernie fucking assholes O'Hare and Kieklak.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks for the brilliant observation.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anybody could tell 'ya that.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. Just a terrible shame

Anonymous said...

See the real problem here is that the Lehigh Valley always has some kind of James Carville wannabe who thinks that by being profane in public about his or her ability to play the "inside knife fighting game" of politics that they will be viewed as significant. BTNP is just the latest iteration of this inbred phenomenon on the Dem side. The Republicans have their own panoply of "stars", too.

Bernie O'Hare said...

BTNP is a brilliant guy, and I've appreciated many of his comments. They are often funny and edgy. But he could be brilliant w/o being sexist. And once he was made aware that people found his remarks offensive, he should have backed off.

Chris Casey said...

Wow, it took me a while to read all the pertinent posts, comments, and catch up on all the hullabaloo.
I am shocked at how far over the line BTNP went. LOLV showed a lot of class in her response to his insults. I'd like to believe that an explanation and apology are soon coming.
I'm not sure how I feel about a blog being front page fodder in mainstream media, I'm not sure that blogging has developed to the point that it should have as much relevance as it seems to be getting. Blogging compared to main stream media, is like entering a toddler that has just learned to walk in a track meet.
There are many overachievers, but blogging, as a media source, still has a lot of growing pains to endure.
A popular State Senator takes a political hit because of what her aide posts on a webblog, now who would have envisioned that happening, what, even two years ago? The Blog Media is evolving quickly, and I wonder, is it maturing equally?

michael molovinsky said...

after the insults i received from mr. kieklak, i must confess "my evil smile" formed as i read the paper this morning. its his arrogance to think those that run for office our self-serving, while those who get elected are public servants. mr. o'hara, should you reconsider your policy about anonymous postings? who outed btnp as kieklak?

Bernie O'Hare said...


We're certainly nowhere near the same level as the MSM. And I agre we're going through a lot of growing pains.

Anonymous said...

Bernie O - I have a thought. Prehaps we refer to this as Berniegate?


Bernie O'Hare said...


Nobody outed BTNP. When hje first stated he was BTNP, he fully identified himself as Kieklak.

If my policy was to prohibit anonymous comments, this still would have happened bc BTNP was not anonymous.

I allow anonymous comments so people can comment on issues without fear of retaliation. They may have a job that makes it hard to identify themselves. I see no reason to re-evaluate that policy.

And frankly, it is thanks to the comments feature that we can learn very much about our public officials.

michael molovinsky said...

mr. casey, in regard to comparing blogs to mainstream media, let me make two observations. the Morning Call(for example) increasingly depends on its online version to compensate for decreasing paper circulation. It allows and promotes reader comments on its articles which are posted on its website. secondly, its policy of rotating reporters often results in a story written by someone who doesn't know what the politican said last month, least of all last year.

Bernie O'Hare said...


The MSM has its flaws and makes mistakes. But we have many more flaws and make bigger mistakes. If we are to have any recognition as an alternate form of media, we have to be credible. Right now, blogs have just a little more credibility than talk radio. Believe me, you'd rather have a MC or ET reporter cover one of your press conferences than one of us.

Anonymous said...

Bernie - the fact that you recognize this is why you are one of the most effective bloggers in the LV. I think too many bloggers take themselves way to seriously and actually think they are of such great importance that they needed be bothered by...you know...common sense (RisingSun, anyone?).

But again, good work. Please keep it up.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, ironically, my most important press conference, on the negatives consequences of city grants aiding low-income housing agencies and that as fuel for the poverty magnet, was completely unreported by the morning call. mainstream media has the power to promote and suppress change within a community, according to their biased values. overall, i bow to your experience and understanding of the blogosphere

Anonymous said...

Chris Casey, excellent points. I agree with you. Bloggers - whether politically-focused or not - especially using aliases and anonymity, should be considered as trustworthy a media source as an overheard conversation at the local watering hole. BTNP was bellying up to the bar and giving everyone an earful. He's like the barfly who doesn't know when to shut up and wakes up the next morning not realizing that he put his job on the line by saying stupid things.

However, I don't think the Morning Call is out of line for publishing this story so prominently.

Thanks Bernie O for putting this into perspective.

Girl Blogger (but I don't touch local politics in my local blog.)

Bernie O'Hare said...

Girl Blogger!

You're right about us. Although we all try to get it right, our info is unfiltered. Sometimes that's good because you get refreshing perspectives, but a single blogger with no editor is bound to run into trouble. That's the reality.

Just yesterday, I had to correct a post about municipal blogs after someone pointed out a factual error. In addition, we have no code of ethics and that results in what Chris nicely calls "growing pains."

I do think the MC made the right call by featuring this story so prominently. 1) It involved the top aide to a state senator. 2) The state senator in question was rumored to be considering a stab at congress. 3) His remarks about Iraq betray extraordinary insensitivity to human life. 4) His remarks to women and about Bennett demonstrate a sexist who is in public service and has employees who report to him. 5) BTNP was not blogging as a private citizen, but as a political insider who was trying to advance his boss. 6) Failure to draw public attention to this will just enable them to continue.

I am certain Lisa Boscola was aware of at least some of the things BTNP was saying because he often bragged about that on this blog. She's a pol. I believe her when she claims she did not know bc I don't think she'd condone those remarks for a second. Lisa, as a woman, should be outraged by what her subordinate said.

What bothers me most is BTNP's unrepentent attitude.

Anonymous said...

I happen to believe who we are in private matters. Why do politicians need to learn this over & over & over again? Why do you think the public can hardly stop from vomiting when election season, with its endless cycle of self-serving commercials, rolls around? This is just one more example of somebody in the political world who has revealed who he truly is. Happens all the time. Do these people have any character at all? Why does it seem this BTNP guy appears proud of being so empty?

Anonymous said...


Boscola called in to the Ken Matthews show this morning. She said she was blindsided when the reporter called and admitted that she could have had a better response. She also said that these situations have to be handled delicately due to fear of a lawsuit.

She went on further to say that she called the Harrisburg office this morning and Bernie was not in yet, so she called his house and he did not answer there either. She said she wanted to discuss this with him.

Matthews asked her if she called Dent or Bennett to apologize. She said she was going to call them but she also would hope that Bernie would call to apologize himself.

Matthews also asked her how much Bernie made, she replied around $90,000.00. Matthews told her that if she was more politically aligned with his ideas he would apply for his job. Boscola then went on to say that she was more conservative than alot of Republicans and that is why she got 73% of the vote and that she never voted for a tax increase.

She seemed really flustered and surprised by the reaction this story was getting, which surprised me considering how inappropriate the comments were.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 11:25,

I tuned in the show right before Boscola called and heard the entire exchange. Your account of the conversation is flawless. And she did seem quite flustered, claiming she had been "ambushed."

She was ambushed, but not by me or the MC. She was ambushed by her own employee, who continued to rage at me in private emails late last night. It's hard to forgive someone who thinks he's done nothing wrong.

I've already rec'd emails from others who accuse me of ruining the congressionmal aspirations of both Bennett and Boscola. But I'm not the person who posted those remarks.

Chris Casey said...

I'm still "feeling my oats" in participating in this media, and in some cases, spurring what direction it grows in. I try to ask the questions I want to ask, that the mainstream media doesn't always find pertinent, or get cut from articles in the regular paper because of space concerns.
I think this venue started out as a bulletin board for many people like myself who couldn't get a letter to the Editor published, and found this as a way to both vent frustrations and make ourselves heard. It's satisfying when you are the publisher/editor but many of us are still learning our responsibilities, and for better or worse, I think the blogosphere still has a "anything goes, wild west atmosphere" to it.

Anonymous said...

This Anon 11:25.

I agree with you. You did not ambush her. If anything this has building for a while. I am a frequest reader of your blog and have seen other things posted by BTNP, which were not inapproproate to this level, but were things that a top aide to a state senator should not be posting. I am talking about polling numbers and plans for running for office. BTNP enjoyed passing inside information and insulting others, and this time he went too far.

If Boscola knew about BTNP's posts on your blog and the other blogs he visits and did nothing to stop it, then she was asking for trouble. If she did not know, then she should climb out from under the rock she has hiding under for the past 15 months or so. People she knows knew about these posts. She should have known.

Bernie, you did nothing to hurt Bennett or Boscola's chances. The truth is they both had an uphill battle already, and you did not posts those remarks and should have no responsibility for those posts. You give people a forum to express opinions and views. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Boscola did it to herself with both her COS' actions and her very poor response. If she is serious about running for Congress, and I don't think she is, she should fire him. Now.

river said...

Lisa Boscola said on the radio today that Bernie K is paid $90,000 a year. That is not only sad it really disgusts me. $90,000 for what???

Blue Coyote said...

I cannot believe what I am hearing regarding the Ken Matthews interview.

1. Racism, sexism or any type of bigotry is NEVER delicate. We must fight it with every ounce of energy we can muster, using any type of media (blog, msm) at our disposal!

2. Lawsuits be damned. What is right is right. Terminate his employment.

3. An apology from BTNP is useless if it's not heartfelt. BTNP has already said that he doesn't care.

4. Any "political" damage that may be incurred by Lisa, can be nullified only by the termination of BTNP. Lisa is the only one that can make a difference. Her constituents and the Northampton County Democratic Party are watching.

Anonymous said...

The Morning Call online edition has just reported that BTNP has been suspended without pay, and has been ordered to attend anger management counseling.

Also, according to the Morning Call, Bernie K.'s salary is $94,172.

Look Out Lehigh Valley said...

Just for the record, I don't think that BTNP's comments reflect poorly on Boscola - they reflect poorly on him.

I don't think its my place or anyone else's place to suggest how Boscola deals with it. Should he be fired for not knowing the difference between a dirty joke and a nasty personal attack on Sam? I know that her firing him would not really mean anything to me except that someone who is presumably pretty good at his job and also valuable to his boss is no longer either of those things. I'd rather know that he apologized to Sam (and Charlie I suppose) and understand why I was offended in the first place.

I'm glad that this whole thing didn't creep under the carpet to be ignored. To me, his remarks were inappropriate regardless of whether someone was personally offended by them or not, which is why I replied the way I did.

michael molovinsky said...

i'm alittle confused about kieklak's remarks being referred to as sexist; they are as crude and lewd as it gets. it never occured to me that btnp was a known signiture, especially for a high profile person paid by taxpayers. ms. boscola can fire him now for damage control purposes, but in my mind she cannot escape questions about her judgement

Anonymous said...

LOLV, you wrote, "I don't think its my place or anyone else's place to suggest how Boscola deals with it."

I personally don't have a strong opinion as to how Boscola should handle this. However, I believe BTNP's salary *is* paid for by the taxpayers, and as such, she really should consider the opinions of her constituents.

Tom Foolery said...

Told ya that Sam would be the candidate..

Bernie O'Hare said...

Michael, I believe that attemptint to "shout" down a female blogger with sexually derogatory language constitutes sexism. I believe the references to Sam Bennett are sexist as well. They are certainly crude and sexist.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tom, You get a pop tart.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Blue Coyote,

I think Lisa was being mindful of BTNP's rights as a state employee.

Chris Casey said...

Isn't it amazing the events that can lead to one's downfall?
I don't mean to question that the MCall put Bernie K's unfiltered Diatribe as a lead story, because his words and position do deserve scrutiny, whether he was acting as a private citizen or not. I am just marveling at how this innocuous little medium of webblogs has drawn such attention, so suddenly.
There are many established politicos of the two major parties who still consider blogs irrelevant, despite what Howard Dean and the admittedly left leaning Daily Kos have accomplished in grass roots communication the past few years.
I just tried to check the MCall comments on the piece, and they are offline.
One last observation: Isn't it funny that Sen. Boscola calls Ken Matthews on air, giving him and his show (And Jolly Joe Timmer) free publicity, the likes of which former host Ron Angle would have loved? I believe both Ron and Jolly Joe belittled Bernie for his blog, and for that matter,all bloggers, as inconsequential.
Talk about strange Karma!

Tom Foolery said...

has anyone checked the call website..Bernie has been suspended. Boscola is tearful about the event and no way feels the way bernie K. does about sam or Charlie. Wow, what a difference a day makes..Someone in harrisburg must have spanked her.Also they have linked the story to LV Ramblings site..You are now famous bernie..I'll take the pop tart..Thank You..

Anonymous said...

Douchebag Bernie!!!!
Why do we keep these clowns in office. Both Keilak and Boscola's are drunks and offer little in the way of professionalism.
These folks are representative of myself and my neighbors and I cringe whe I see them. I hope my neighbors are taking notice...
Douchebag Bernie and Bourbon Boscola.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 2:25

These postings about this story have been for the most part intelligent. Thanks for taking it down a notch you idiot.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 2:25, Kieklak and Boscvola are drunks? OK. What's your evidence? Detailed and specific, please. If that's not there, you're just doing the same thing as BTNP.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tom, if you look at the report, Kieklak has actually submitted his resignation, although I doubt Boscola will accept it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they both have run-ins with the law for drunk driving - she was arrested and he went into some sort of rehab?? Only to be later involved in an incident and charged with Drunk Driving???
I may be new to blogging, but back in my day we called them drunks. What do you call them now? Politicians??? ;)

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 2:52,

Boscola's one and only arrest for DUI occurred 7 years ago, and BTNP's accident occurred 6 years ago. That doesn't make them "drunks." Now, if Lisa or Kieklak are regularly intoxicated, especially on the job, there's be a point to this. There might even be a point if there were a second arrest. I know plenty of folks who get picked up DUI and who don't have a drinking problem. They just used poor judgment.

Don't confuse them w/ alkies like me, who can't be trusted near booze. But obviously, BTNP has a problem.

Anonymous said...

OK - You raise a good point. I relent.
BTW, I do feel horrible about dropping down to BTNP's level.
Mea Culpa!!!!!

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, i didn't mean kieklak's statements weren't sexist, but that they were so much more vile than that term usually connotes. it is interesting that mcall didn't allow the usual comment option with the story, i would think that was a management decision.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were famous after sparring a few rounds with Jolly Joe,this is a hornets nest.....

Anonymous said...

The latest edition of the MC article includes this:

''In his e-mail message this afternoon, the Senate aide [Kieklak] responded this way when he was asked whether he now regretted his remarks: "I have made many, many mistakes throughout my life, and I am proud of each and every one. They have made me who I am today. I do not regret a single thing I have ever done in my entire life."

There's your answer, Lisa. We all make mistakes, but most of us have at least a twinge of regret for things we've done or said. A real man should have no problem saying, "I'm sorry."

Anonymous said...

As a psychiatric procto-urologist by trade, I can tell you that BTNP's comments are evidence of his possession of what we in the field call a "micropenis". His psychiatric issues are probably compounded by the physical pain of the festering sores said micropenis likely exhibits,derived from commiseration with the prostitutes in Harrisburg, both on the corners and in the Capital

Blue Coyote said...

A "Condition of Employment Agreement"? You have got to be kidding me. Anon 4:14 and the MC comments that BTNP still does not see anything wrong with his bigotry other than a liability to Boscola's political ambitions. And Lisa is worried about BTNP's employment rights? He gave up those rights when he resigned.

Boscola has yet to talk to BTNP. When and if she does, she should just accept the resignation. The more she fumbles this football, the worse it will get.

Respectfully, LOLV, I am a constituent of Lisa Boscola senatorial district. I believe I do have the right (as well as others) to express my opinions as to who and how we are represented in the General Assembly. Not only will I "suggest how Lisa should deal with it", I will demand it! I demand not to be represented by sexist or racist Senator or Senator's employees.

river said...

I called and emailed Lisa Boscola's office this morning and stated that I did not like a person like this being paid $90,000 a year from... not Lisa's money but OUR money, the taxpayers. Even scarier that he is a person in charge of our state government. I encourage everyone to call Boscolas's office and let their opinion be heard. You know these state officials, if they don't hear any complaints, they will sit back in their pure leather easy chairs and do absolutely nothing! Call call call. Boscola's Bethlehem office number is 610 868 8667

michael molovinsky said...

this forum allows the poster to delete something that he(or she) regrets saying. i deleted something because i decided it was boastful. how can a 50+ man make those comments to a young woman and let them stand. how can the senator suggest that mere counseling might be indicated. perhaps two resignations would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

You've ruined the congressional aspirations of both Bennett and Boscola? What a kingmaker you must be!

"Boss" O'Hare for Northampton County Democratic Party Chairman!


Anonymous said...

As Popeye always says: "That's all I can stand and I can't stands no more." Seems lots of "fair weather friends" and Boscola, Kieklak enemies (mostly cowardly Anons) have opinions here. Facts are that Boscola with Kieklak as Chief of Staff and entire staff have served me, all constituents I know very well with all government regular & nonsensical rules, regs, public services of all kinds over the years. They're all quality folks of the highest order, in my opinion. We all make mistakes, some worse than others like BTNP did with some of his comments here over the last few months. However, I sincerely think the pressure of dealing with some H'Burg pols & activists allowed BTNP to vent himself on this and maybe other blogs as he finally went "over the top" to his great sorrow, I'm certain! Expecting Kieklak to fall on his sword is also "over the top" is also my opinion. He said what he said and only needs a few weeks rest from the nonsense that goes on in H'Burg and all will be fine. The good Senator knows his great strenghts as Chief of Staff and also his, her own and most of our weaknesses. We need not throw the proverbial "baby out with the bath water"! Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Good friend, always will be, of Senator Boscola, Kieklak and entire staff. www.kisslinger.com

Anonymous said...

chris casey -

my sentiments exactly. we check in just to see what the hullabaloo is all about. sadly, i'm sorry i bothered.

blogging has become an unnecessary, unsubstantiated - and often incendiary - pasttime of a growing number of numbnuts who seem to have no other significant contribution to society as a whole, and yet consider this their offerings of contribution.

Get off the cyber-coaster, get out of the house and stop scratching for controversial morsels - it's become seriously depressing that so many place such importance on this drivel.

Here's a thought Bernie - GET A REAL JOB!

driv·el /ˈdrɪvəl/ Pronunciation noun, verb, -eled, -el·ing or (especially British) -elled, -el·ling.
–noun 1. saliva flowing from the mouth, or mucus from the nose; slaver.
2. childish, silly, or meaningless talk or thinking; nonsense; twaddle.
–verb (used without object) 3. to let saliva flow from the mouth or mucus from the nose; slaver.
4. to talk childishly or idiotically.
5. Archaic. to issue like spittle.
–verb (used with object) 6. to utter childishly or idiotically.
7. to waste foolishly.

emphasis on FOOLISH SPITTLE.

river said...

Chris Casey said he thinks Ron Angle and Jolly Joe Timmer had belittled Bernie O'Hare about his blog. I don't think it is true that Ron Angle has, but I do know that in the last few weeks Jolly Joe Timmer has complained about Bernie O'Hare's blog on several occasions. I have listened to RA and JJT's shows every weekday for 2 plus years. Angle has said several times that he rarely is online and once he said he wondered why since circulation of the MC and ET is dropping that they keep pushing to promote the blogs that many of the employees run. I wondered the same thing myself. But Jolly Joe has dissed Bernie O several times. And yes!! Bernie K should go!. As I said before.... $90,000 a year of OUR money. I wonder if there are any seniors out their struggling to keep their home and called Boscolas office and got Bernie Kieklak on the phone and asked him for help and he just called them a God da** mot$&*# (!%$@#*! *$@#@@*~^$ *(&*$%#. I want someone to explain to me why some guy, since he is a state(taxpayer) employee, can think he is some kind of GOD and get away with it. Call Boscolas's office and ask them the same thing!!! dial 610 868 8667 they have people sitting there being paid to just answer the phone.... talk about a dream job !!!

RadCenter said...

Wow. I've never been a fan of Boscola's, but if this is an example of who she thinks should be helping her make policy, her credibility is shot with me.

"Let Allah sort them out"..."femi-Nazi"...defending indefensible actions even after you've been called out for being a jerk? When Democrats speak and act like this, who needs Rush Limbaugh or the Bush Administration? Tell me again why I'm a Democrat? I've been asking myself that since 1992.

Kieklak has shown all the maturity of a third-grader. Come to think of it, that's an insult to third-graders.

A note on sexism: I've made innocuous (albeit sarcastic) posts on threads in the Morning Call Topix forum that have resulted in my being viciously and personally attacked by infantile men using words that include many asterisks. It's scary. I changed my login so my gender would not be obvious. But now I wonder, Will I one day accidentally reveal a detail about myself that will allow such a hothead to track me down? How many women have read comments like these and decided the Internet was not a venue that welcomed their input?

To paraphrase Ed Rendell, behavior like this is not "moving Pennsylvania [or the country] forward." Please, everyone, let's raise the bar when it comes to public discourse, online and off. Got a problem with a candidate? Outline in detail why you think she would be a bad choice for voters. Personal attacks don't help them make a decision. In fact, they probably make voters more likely to support the candidate that has been attacked.

PS The fact that the Morning Call's front page is beginning to resemble the New York Post's is not helping matters any. They no longer seem to have reporters who can cover the news without sensationalizing it, or editors who have the judgement to tone it down. The way the paper reported the accident that resulted in the death of Daviay Legrand is a classic example. It released a deluge of vitriol in the Topix forums. [MC, whatever you're paying Bill White, it's not enough. He's about the only remaining credible reporter you have.]

river said...

Kisslinger, I have never heard of you before but I disagree. The "friends and served you well "stuff you spoke of just makes me think of the 'ol good old boys and the Boss Tweed Tamany Hall stuff that is wrecking the United States Of America. Thursday is Flag Day. Let them wave and let freedom ring!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bernie Kieklak -- this decade's Michael Solomon?

Anonymous said...

Yup! Mentally flawed and hopelessly self-absorbed. The ghost of Solomon returns to the Valley.

michael molovinsky said...

i must disagree with larry k, they should serve the public, thats their jobs. i don't believe someone talks like kieklak in a isolated situation or from stress, thats him, he had 5 days to delete those comments. i would think after 10years on the job ms. boscola knows what he's about, and approves. i don't know how often larry needs special favors, but most of us just pay taxes and expect decency from those who receive our votes. i do agree with larry about using ones real name. no newspaper will print a letter anonymously, from blue bird or mr. brainy.

RadCenter said...

On a lighter note, Bernie--

First the photo of the mangled pit bull, now this distinctly un-Kingly Elvis impersonator (I didn't know men could get camel-toes!). I'm gonna have to take anti-nausea medicine before I navigate to your blog from now on!

Anonymous said...

I guess Jim Hickey's language wasn't so bad after all.

river said...

RADCENTER... for your information it was the un-kingly elvis that mangled the pit bull doggy in a fight over a chicken bone and some mashed potatoes :):):)

Anonymous said...

If my math is correct I'm the 30th. anon. 30 less points of view? maybe good ,maybe not.

Blue Coyote said...

Response to Mr. Kisslinger:

1. Like myself, Anons are sometimes prohibited to attest their names because of employment policies. Bernie O'Hare understands this and encourages the practice.

2. The Anons who denounce bigotry, racism, sexism or intolerance are not "cowards". In fact, I find their comments comforting that someone will speak up.

3. The pressures of Harrisburg does not "allow" someone to vent with such vile and bigotry.

4. "To his great sorrow...", he has yet to apologize for his words. He's only sorry that he hurt Boscola's political ambitions.

5. "he only needs rest...and he will be fine". Bigotry is not like a cold, Mr. Kisslinger. It is a cancer in our society. The only relief is to cut it out.

6. "Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones." BTNP was the one who threw sexist stones. Unfortunately, Boscola is the one cleaning up the glass.

Bernie O,

I am sorry for my many comments, however, I cannot stay silent on intolerance.

river said...

Hi Everyone. I have commented about anons before. Not in a bad way but when there are 30 and 40 anans on a 60 comments page it gets hard to follow the "thread" to know which person you wanted to respond to. I mentioned before that the anons can please put a code word at the bottom of their post like a car you like or a thing you like... etc. One anon blogger was great when he put the word beerbarrel at the end of his post so we knew which anon was which. And that way you can stay anonymous and still make your point and people like me (river) who may want to contribute to your thread can do so and not get lost in the fog of 100 anons posting each week and who knows what comment goes to what post because of all the anons. Beerbarrel.. thanks for using a code word.

Anonymous said...

see what I mean? Another 6:39 PM Anon coward giving us Webster's dictionary lessons and advice! Anon 6:39 PM doesn't even realize that blogs like this one are going to gain popularity as time goes on, and meaningful outcomes will ensue. I pray that one outcome will be NO more ANON "or" stage names will ever be allowed! I know O'Hare position about this issue but strongly disagree! If you can't answer for any of your thoughts, you can say anything about anybody without ever having to be accountable in any way. Same as you can "sue" a ham sandwich, but can you win is the question? An ANON or stage name comment means zero to me and always will, especially when personal attacks are involved! I suggest all ANON's and stage names exit the closet so we know who we are dealing with at all times. Otherwise, why not just shout your positions from a mountaintop, somewhere? www.kisslinger.com

RadCenter said...

"I suggest all ANON's and stage names exit the closet so we know who we are dealing with at all times. Otherwise, why not just shout your positions from a mountaintop, somewhere?" --Larry Kisslinger

As I explained in my previous post, I do not wish to endanger my safety by allowing unbalanced individuals to identify where I live. I try always to post nothing that I would not post under my own name, but really, there are some crazies online, and they will toss out threats without any provocation. If you were a woman, you would probably never post under your own name, either! I won't presume to speak for LOLV, but I know I wouldn't feel perfectly safe if I were her. Not with some irrational out-of-control rageaholic on the loose.

Chris Casey said...

Well at least in honor of Jim Hickey, there are no monkeys flying out of anyone's ass.
Bernie, could you clarify for me the emotions of Angle and JJ Timmer on Blogs? I know I called in while you were bloggin' live with Ron, and he wasn't impressed. I'm 99% sure JJ Timmer was less than complimentary, but that was a while back. So if I was wrong, clear me up. Now I will check in the Morning, to see if you have a 100 comments

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 3:07, It's rare to see a person who can admit an error. Good for you!

Bernie O'Hare said...


I'm sure BTNP appreciates that you're standing by your friend when times are tough. Here's what bothers me. He doesn't have a clue. That was evident in statements to the press yesterday, emails to me last night and statements again today. It's hard to forgive someone who doesn't think he's wrong.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 6:39,

Actually, I agree with much of what you say. We can be a waste of valuable time. And I do get some things wrong. But I try to provide little details here and there that I think are interesting, and I do my homework.

The blogosphere has driven a lot of political commentary over the past few months, from Sam Bennett's candidacy to the Norco elections office to some dirty campaigning in the Easton/Williams Tp district judge race.

Some of it is good. Some is not. Contrary to some other bloggers, I don't believe we can hold a flame to the MSM. But this and other locasl blogs like LVDem have led to important stories.

Is it drivel when a top aide to a state senator starts making sexist and misogynistic remarks? I suppose that's a matter of opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wow there sure is a lot of ramblin' goin on here. Thanks Bernie O for exposing this creep, but I don't think it should have been front page of the MC. Let's move on to diggin up dirt on more elected officials. I like to read this blog because the MC is too crony corrupt and doesn't really investigate. I sent you a comment earlier but I do not see it here.

Anonymous said...

Annon 7:44

YES!, Yes, Hickeys' language was bad, very bad. He is a bad man. He has admitted this often and is undergoing spanking therapy. Just ask him. Mr. Soloman was many things but he didnot have a racist or sexist bone in his body. He was also a much better political stategist who got Lisa into office to begin with.


Anonymous said...

King Bernie,

You are now the Tony Soprano of blogging. You should charge admission fees. Rumor has it that the county will be dedicating a special parking space to you at the courthouse. It's located at the bottom of the Washington Street hill. I also hear that you are garnishing national attention. Something about Larry King.....I don't know.

I'm serious about Larry King! You should be receiving call any minute now.

Bernie O'Hare said...

RadCenter, I loved your thoughtful comment, but don't agree entirely.

Bill White is actually a columnist, not a reporter, although he started out as a reporter.

There are some very good reporters in both papers, and they amaze me. I sometimes have an idea and start blogging about it and looking for details. From time to time, a local reporter will pick up on it and decide to go with it himself or herself. Sarah Cassi, Scott Kraus, Joe Nixon, Paul Muschick, Tom Coombe, Tracy "Gonzo" Jordan, Mike Buffer, Joe Carlson and others I can't name right now could learn things in 5 minutes that would take me days. They're a good bunch. Without them, our government would be trampling over us a lot worse than happens now.

But your point about women on the net is very well taken. In the blog in which I complained to BTNP, I linked to an article with statistical evidence about threats made to female bloggers. It's very scary. That's why it's not a good idea to tolerate this behavior, and that's why it's so important that The MC call public attention to it. I believe the ET now intends to do so as well.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Larry Kisslinger is a great man. He was the record holder as youngest member of Beth City Council until Callahan beat him out by a few months. He served w/ distinction on the BHA, where he spoke against violations of the Sunshine Act and was proved right. And now, he's standing by his friend when the chips are down. I respect and admire that.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:44, That *#@) Hickey is in a completely different category. He's brilliant, a little irascible, and curses like a sailor when provoked. But I've never once heard him utter anything remotely sexist, racist or bigoted. He's only bigoted against me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

River, your idea is a good one. I just use time to refer to differnt anons.

Bernie O'Hare said...


It's easy to clear up the JJ/RA positions on blogsd. When blogs criticize them, we're knuckleheads in Elvis suits who only blog because we can't get a 250 word letter to the editor published. (There's a lot of truth to that in my case). When we compliment them, we're fearless citizen journalists unfettered by the trappings of the MSM.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dottie, Unless you posted anonymously, I'm sorry to say I opnly notice one post from you. But if you're the same Dottie who posted on another blog last week concerning the funeral for the young man who unfortunately lost his life, I thank you for setting the record striaght.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Beerbarrel, The worst thing I heard about Hickey is that he's a terrible fisherman. Chilly in here?

Anonymous said...

Larry K! I admire you standing up for your friend. I happen to like Bernie K. and am sorry to see things turn out this way. As a friend, I wish you would advise him to say those three words that would mean so much: I was wrong! or even ''I am sorry!

Many, many times I've said things that I shouldn't have. In this case, Bernie K's been given the opportunity to retract his statements, and I can't understand why an intelligent person such as him won't do just that.

J. SPIKE ROGAN said...

all this press Bernie. (Including your pic on the Mcall site) I must ask.

Is your car on the ramp ready to clear the sharks and make the land?


This could become a jump the shark moment.

Anonymous said...

river said...
Kisslinger, I have never heard of you before but I disagree. The "friends and served you well "stuff you spoke of just makes me think of the 'ol good old boys and the Boss Tweed Tamany Hall stuff that is wrecking the United States Of America. Thursday is Flag Day. Let them wave and let freedom ring!!!!!! 7:17 PM...

and Kisslinger says: Surprised that you never heard of me but you do know of NY Boss Tweed! You are probably not from the LV for very long! you don't know me and HOW can I know YOU? You may have me confused with NC D Chair Joe Long, who "thinks" he is Boss Tweed of the LV! BTW, I "do" know flag day is every June 14th! correct, let freedom ring!

michael molovinsky said...
i must disagree with larry k, they should serve the public, thats their jobs.....i don't know how often larry needs special favors, but most of us just pay taxes and expect decency from those who receive our votes. i do agree with larry about using ones real name. no newspaper will print a letter anonymously, from blue bird or mr. brainy. 7:33 PM...

and Kisslinger says: I pay taxes too! I don't ever get, or need any "special favors" from anybody, anytime, anywhere! I have "earned consideration" for any legitimate governmental services by being myself and assisting others for over 40 years of public service! Try helping others sometime, you might like it!

Blue Coyote said...
Response to Mr. Kisslinger:

1. Like myself, Anons are sometimes prohibited to attest their names because of employment policies. Bernie O'Hare understands this and encourages the practice...

and Kisslinger says: Blue Coyote spews more nonsense to "cover' identity! exit the closet and sue anybody who challenges your 1st Amendment rights, is my opinion.

Bernie O,
I am sorry for my many comments, however, I cannot stay silent on intolerance. 8:09 PM

and Kisslinger says: Bernie, you need not be sorry! I respect your opinion and, at least know who you are as you do so. Fine with me.

Larry Kisslinger said...
see what I mean? Another 6:39 PM Anon coward giving us Webster's dictionary lessons and advice! Anon 6:39 PM doesn't even realize that blogs like this one are going to gain popularity as time goes on, and meaningful outcomes will ensue. I pray that one outcome will be NO more ANON "or" stage names will ever be allowed! I know O'Hare position about this issue but strongly disagree! If you can't answer for any of your thoughts, you can say anything about anybody without ever having to be accountable in any way. Same as you can "sue" a ham sandwich, but can you win is the question? An ANON or stage name comment means zero to me and always will, especially when personal attacks are involved! I suggest all ANON's and stage names exit the closet so we know who we are dealing with at all times. Otherwise, why not just shout your positions from a mountaintop, somewhere? www.kisslinger.com 9:08 PM

RadCenter said...
As I explained in my previous post, I do not wish to endanger my safety by allowing unbalanced individuals to identify where I live. I try always to post nothing that I would not post under my own name, but really, there are some crazies online, and they will toss out threats without any provocation. If you were a woman, you would probably never post under your own name, either! I won't presume to speak for LOLV, but I know I wouldn't feel perfectly safe if I were her. Not with some irrational out-of-control rageaholic on the loose. 9:18 PM

and Kisslinger says: you can "explain" all you wish! you say, "endanger your safety" and "If Larry was a woman"! what the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China? My Mother was a woman unafraid of the trials and tribulations of life. she (a woman) taught me as a single parent. I am married to a woman for 42 years with two daughters and 3 granddaughters. get out of the closet and stand up for yourself! If needed, I'm guessing O'Hare or "Dubya" will provide security guards for you! If they will not, I will. My phone number and address have always been in the phone book! Anybody want a piece of me or, God forbid, my "women" wife and kids? As they say on TV Price is Right program: Come on down! but "Be not afraid". Larry Kisslinger www.kisslinger.com

river said...

Larry Kisslinger... I have lived in Easton all my life(52 years). The only lisslinger I know was the Kisslinger's corn meal mush in the deli case that I used to love but I can't find it anymore. Bernie told me you were in Bethlehem public service for a long time. Thats a noble resume. I didn't really hear any political news from Bethlehem till I started to listen to WGPA. Boss Tweed is scary stuff and I think it still goes on today just on a smaller scale. We have all read about the "pork projects". Bernie O says he admires you for sticking up for a friend, and if I was Bernie Kieklak's friend I would probably stick up for him too. But all I know of him is from the vulgar remarks he makes and if he is that way on a blog I bet he is that way in life and I don't want someone like that involved in our state government and getting paid $94,000 a year to boot! Thanks

Bernie O'Hare said...


You'd like Larry. He used to host a radio show on your favorite radio station, too.

Anonymous said...

THis Democrat never voted for Lisa Boscola for state legislature and I will never vote for her for US Congress.

I can only assume she holds similar views as this asshat. She sickened me the way she talked down to the school board and to citizens on the Act 72 committtee two years ago. This reinforces the fact that she's a blowhard.

Anonymous said...

River 9:31AM...see, I was correct! I've been around LV 11 yrs. longer than you! Most folks voted for me BC they thought I was related to your corn meal mush, Kissling's sauerkraut or Esslinger's beer folks. I never cared why they voted for me as long as they did! I do know elector's got their monies worth since my net earnings for public/volunteer service equals minus 12 cents an hour. Love helping people nonetheless. visit me at www.kisslinger.com anytime and email me from the bottom of any page there. Happy Flag Day to all.

Anonymous said...

OK...the stats are in: by my quick count 54% of comments here are anon or stage names...29% are Bernie's and, "drum roll"...17% of others identify themselves. Just thought you'd like to know! email larry@kisslinger.com with any questions.

Anonymous said...

kisslinger - what do your posts have to do with the story? from-anonymous

river said...

I understand why Larry Kisslinger is peeved about all the anons. I sent Larry my email since I have a stage name. That way he knows who I am and at least the stage name people can be traced if it is important through their email address. An anon can come on and spout off like a lunatic and no one knows who he or she is. Suppose an anon was coming on here 20 times a day and posted language like BTNP? It would destroy the blog. And Bernie O can't police it every minute as he has his own job to do. For all you know you could have some 10 and 12 year old kids posting as an anon on here just as a prank. I remember seeing on TV how a 10 year old boy found his mom and dad's Ebay ID and bid up and won about $30,000 worth of items. If someone sends you an anonymous hate letter in the mail would you like it? I know I wouldn't, Its kind of the same here... I see Larry's point, unless your bashing and telling lies about someone, you have no need to be anonymous. Thank You

Anonymous said...

larry needs to focus on the issues rather than people's names or specific lack thereof.

it has taken me a couple days to read thru all the material but in the end three things are clear:

1) bernie o'hare spends too much time and effort apologizing for the misogynist's crude words. bntp is neither witty nor intelligent.

2) lolv spends too much time trying to get the people who pay attention to think this is much ado about nothing. it isn't. this is serious stuff. and, no, lolv, you do not get to tell us that it is not our business to "suggest" how Boscola (or any other public official) handles this type of situation. the activities of public officials - especially those who are elected - are always fair game for comment and critique. indeed, with the type and strength of language used by the misogynist, it is our responsibility to not only pay attention but to comment. forcefully. kielkak needs to be fired. if not by Boscola then by the harrisburg hierarchy. now.

3) Boscola needs to resign. she is responsible for her staff and when her c.o.s. makes these types of crude sexual comments and accusations (does lolv really go out and bang Allentown's homeless population??) then the sweat senator not only needs to fire the p.o.s. c.o.s., but also needs to fall on her own sword for failing to adequately supervise him and for being so damn slow to fire the p.o.s.

just my 3 cents.

and to make larry the snark happy,



river said...

I am kind of new to blogs but what do you mean by snark?

Anonymous said...

anon 3:07PM same as yours just did!

anon 5:01 PM notice you have been moved up to editor of Bernie's blog! Congrats! Maybe you want to mind your own business?

ya gotta love these anon's!

Anonymous said...

Now I know why BTNP and Larry are friends. I see a pattern. Instead of addressing issues, they attack people. You two belong together.

Anon Bratwurst (Just to piss you off, Larry)

river said...

anon 5:01... don't forget the corn meal mush.. it was fantastic!!:):):P)

river said...

you know.. these anons attacking people is getting a bit ridiculous

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 5:01,

I was very impressed and thank you for your well-written post. Let me respond to your points.

1) BTNP. I've been reading this dude since last November. As you can see, I condemn what he's done. I think he should be fired because he is unrepentent and has a history. Truth be told, he has made disparaging remarks about many people unfairly. But he is both intelligent and quite entertaining. If you're just going by those most recent remarks, I understand your point. But he really should be writing. He'd put Hunter S. Thompson to shame.

2) I agree completely.

3) You may be right. I'm disturbed by how Boscola has handled this.

Bernie O'Hare said...


A snark is a person who is snidely derisive. A troll is a person who will attack peopple or make idiotic comments to gain attention or to destroy the comment thread because it's getting too close to someone. You'll see them both.

The best approach to take w/ anonymous persoanl attacks is to ignore them because they're entitled to no credibility. But nearly every commenter to this quite controversial subject has been pretty respectful of other points of view.

Where have I gone wrong?

river said...

bernie.. you were right I emailed Larry Kisslinger and he is a great guy thanks

Bernie O'Hare said...

River, You sound like a very nice and interesting person yourself.

Anonymous said...


This is what Larry Kisslinger wrote - "They're all quality folks of the highest order, in my opinion...He said what he said and only needs a few weeks rest from the nonsense that goes on in H'Burg and all will be fine...Good friend, always will be...Kieklak..."

He said those words himself. I feel sorry for both BTNP and Kisslinger. They don't think that anything is wrong with sexism or attacking other people.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:27,

I don't need to speak up for Larry K, but I will. Larry considers himself BTNP's friend. He's not defending what BTNP said, and I think he's suggesting that BTNP may have made those comments because he's stressed out. He's trying to defend his pal, and I respect that. That's what friends do.

But I don't buy it. BTNP had no right to make those statements, has made similar kinds of statements before and has no contrition. I've never heard or read anything remotely sexist from Larry. And he's suspicious of all anonymous posters because anonymous posters have personally attacked him several times. I don't agree w/ everything larry says. For example, I don't buy his BTNP defense. But Larry is a good guy.

river said...

Bernie... you have the hottest blog going.... keep doing what your doing. Yout topics are great and the pictures.. oh the pictures!!!! as i said before...PRICELESS :):)

Anonymous said...

From Anon 7:27

If that's the case Bernie, than I am wrong about Larry Kisslinger. I admit when I'm wrong. Thanks for chiming in.

My sincere apologies to Mr. Kisslinger.

Not all Anon's are bad either.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 7:43, Larry's an ornery old bastard like me. He'll grow on you. And you're right. Most of the anon commenters are people with very good points and I love and am enriched by the give and take. It's only a sad few who cause problems.

Funny thing, the worse thing on this blog was published by someone who identified himself. Does that mean I should ban comments from people who identify themselves?

river said...

Anon 7:24. Hi Yes, I know what Larry said and I complained about it too if you will look back to yesterdays posts. He knows Lisa and Bernie K personally. I want BK fired too. $90,000 a year? Also I don't think Lisa should resign but she should get rid of this BK guy. I also said that if BK and Lisa were personal friends of mine I would have stuck up for them too. Anyway if you need to bash lets bash the BK guy because 'ol Larry didn't have anything to do with all this.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:43PM said "My sincere apologies to Mr. Kisslinger. Not all Anon's are bad either". I say greatly appreciated and accepted! I agree that not all here are ill intended! my apologies to you and any others who don't know me and I
may have unknowingly offended. As Rodney King said: "Can't we all just get along"? Further, God's still working on me, Kieklak and you! I too, wish good friend Kieklak would be remorseful, but who am I to judge him in the final analysis? I repeat: Boscola and her "entire staff" are the very best, in my opinion. God's still working on all of us! Top of front page story is a little too much, if you ask me, but nobody ever does? If they would ask, I would suggest Joe Long and Dave Sanders nonsensical behavior as Bethlehem Housing Authority appointees would be my choice for the "front page"!
Thanks Mr. O'Hare, hard for me to be sexist in any way, having been raised and educated by a single parent Mother, often discriminated against. I saw her cry many times about sexism experienced by her and
learned long ago "why" Mommy was crying. I've carried her message with me for decades and still do.I hope everyone here & elsewhere will lighten up a bit. Thanks also to River for very kind comments!
"This too, will pass". ornery old bastard at www.kisslinger.com

michael molovinsky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RadCenter said...

I have to ask the Democrats who are defending Kieklak: What if Charlie Dent's chief of staff had made the same remarks that Kieklak made? If you're honest with yourself, you have to admit you'd be boiling up a vat of tar and feathers. It's this kind of partisanship that turns people off and drives them away from the polls.

And frankly, though the vulgar abuse directed at LOLV and Sam Bennett is inexcusable, I find Kieklak's comments about Iraq much more disturbing. When's he going to apologize for those statements? I've heard more moderate rants from Glenn Beck.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Rad, the comments about Iraq are quite disturbing, I agree. The ONLY reason I can see for staying in Iraq is to prevent the very kind of wholesale slaughter shrugged off by BTNP, who spices his comments with a few anti-Muslim remarks.

Anonymous said...

RadCenter 9:52PM said...
I have to ask the Democrats who are defending Kieklak: What if Charlie Dent's chief of staff had made the same remarks that Kieklak made? If you're honest with yourself, you have to admit,blah,
blah, blah...Kisslinger says: If I knew the person, I would give my honest opinion, same as with Kieklak. It may surprise you to learn I was NC R Party Chairman
'86-88, and still an R, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan big time supporter, mostly conservative moderate Local D's. I'm also a very big supporter of Dent "and" Boscola and would be very hard pressed if they ever ran against each other. I don't think Lisa would or should ever leave her State Senate seat with the seniority and respect that she has received state wide and service to our LV. Dent gaining same for us in Congress. Hear this, loud and clear from an R, Kieklak is/was very wrong with lots of his recent comments here, but will always remain my friend, as will Lisa!

Look Out Lehigh Valley said...

I guess I will clarify myself.

I don't know BTNP. I don't know what kind of work he does or what kind of a person he is. I know that what he said showed that he is someone who is extremely insensitive and perhaps also misogynistic. His post about Iraq illustrates that he also has some misdirected anger towards Musilms. I would say that the majority of this country has that problem, and certainly more than our fair share of elected representatives have a similar position. People are not made of only one or two qualities. And I also believe that people can change - I have seen firsthand that people can change. BTNP could be a complete asshole for all I know. Or he could be a generally good guy who needs to work on some issues like the rest of us.

I am not Lisa Boscola's constituent. Its not my place to determine the way she runs her office. Some of you are her constituents and as such have a lot more invested in knowing you are represented by an office you can trust.

If you have been satisfied with her up until this point, there's a good chance that BTNP as the Chief of Staff has had a lot to do with that. If I knew that a representative that I liked and supported who I thought was doing a good job in office had a problem like this with their staff, I would want to fix the problem, not just make it go away. Firing Bernie is the easy way out. Its the quick "make it go away" solution. He gets to go on being an insensitive misogynist as a private citizen (which is his right, but I still don't like the sound of it) and she gets to fumble around to get her office back in order, never really addressing the issues other than to draft legal documentation about who can say what and how they will be disciplined if this happens again in the future. If I trust my representative, I have to also trust them to do the best thing in a situation like this. If I'm not satisfied with their choices, I get to vote for someone else next time.

Anyway, that's all I really was trying to say. The same way its not my place to tell her what to do with her office, its not my place to tell her constituency what to do with her, and if I implied otherwise I apologize.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Regardless whether you're a constituent, you have every right to criticize Senator Boscola. She makes decisions that affect you. Even though she's only elected by the people in her district, Lisa works for all of us. She's a public servant.

Although Lisa happens to be my state senator, I've criticized state senators Wunderling and Browne on this blog. I've spoken out against the obscene campaign finance by state rep Reichley.

BTNP needs to go. I really like the guy, but he needs to go. He has displayed no remorse. His past reveals a pattern of similar statements. And it's hypocritical to keep someone like that on your staff. How can she honestly say she supports equality or a woman's right to choose anything? And BTNP's slam about open records, made in one of his apologies to me, reveals just how reform-minded that top staffer really is.

A member of the state assembly told me yesterday that staffers wield incredible power. I've spoken to several people who go to Harrrisburg to see Lisa and end up meeting w/ BTNP. He has an important role, and we should not have to second guess whether he really is a misogynist.

I appreciate you standing up for yourself, not only here, but in an earlier situation when some local businessman was far more brutal.

Anonymous said...

my concern with this whole mess is the broad brush being used to paint the entire staff. I have had occassion to call the Senator's staff for assistance and have found them to be professional, courteous and pleased to assist me. Many of them I now know by name. To say the least I have never spoken to the individual in question and the Senator should accept his resignation immediately and stand behind the staff that serves her constituents in a way she can be proud.

river said...

anon 10:07... I agree with you. I called Boscola's office to complain about Bernie K's outburst and a nice gentleman answered the phone. He seemed a little surprized, I don't think anyone on the staff even had any idea what Bernie K had even written. He took my comments and my name and thanked me and I thanked him. Hello LOLV... I am sorry you were a target of all that. It wasn't just sexist. I am a man and I thought it was obnoxious. If some one insists on getting their point across, they can even yell at someone without using all that toiletmouth language. You know, I bet their are 8 and 10 year olds that are reading this blog.. all they have to do is CLICK and they see it all. When I was 12 years old my mom washed my mouth out with soap for saying the word hell. Our morals are decaying so fast now. Isn't that what defeated the great Roman Empire way back when?

Bernie O'Hare said...

River, I don't think any 8 or 10 year olds read this blog.

Anonymous said...

I may show up as anon 5:01 but I did include my blogsite so it's not as if no one is incapable of seeing who I am (just an ugly cat with a bad haircut).

Bernie O, I owe you an apology for saying you've soft-pedalled the need to FIRE the misogynist (yes, LOLV, he is a misogynist and an intolerant religious tard).

I am not a Boscola constituent but I am a fellow pennsyltuckian. Ever wonder why people think we live in pennsyltucky instead of penn's woods? It's because of tard like Lisa Boscola and obscene misogynists like Bernie Kieklak.

We just went thru an entire spring and fall election cycle that saw a number of clueless Harrisburg politicians thrown into the unemployment line. Lisa Boscola, if she has an ounce of intergrity or concern for her gender, fellow Christians and constituents, ought to terminate Bernie Kieklak immediately.

Until Boscola shows some backbone and fires the tard, she deserves to have people ride her ample posterior. Ridicule her if you must, I know I will, but get her to move off her hiney and rectify the situation. Yes, pun intended.

btw RadCenter- I am a registered Democrat. But that's not important. Kieklak's comments were of such an obscene nature that even Larry Flynt would blush at hearing them. I'd suggest Kieklak put a plug in this matter by resigning but he obviously has no integrity in his being. Plus, it's nice to have a 94k salary waiting for you upon taking an "anger management course."

signed me,



Anonymous said...

This stuff is so simple and so indicative of our current culture. Let me start with some of Bernie K. quotes:

"That's a blog, and if you look at other blogs, that's the way that they talk. It's free-wheeling. It's free-styling"; every parent's favorite - my friends can do it, why can't I. Mr. K. you just don't understand. - the tired lame "lowest common denomenator" argument is always bogus. If someone ever did something worse, anywhere, I get a free pass. Grow up Mr. K.

"I guess I don't have First Amendment rights"; OK Mr. K., you can try to hide behind the First Amendment. But please go back and read it. Do you see anything, anywhere about freedom from the scorn, derision and yes, acountability of society? I didn't think so.

So if I get your drift, Mr. K., you want to be paid by the public, just not accountable to them. Where can I get such a deal? Oh, by the way, in my business if I said something like that about a peer I would not only lose my job, but get sued up the wazoo.

So where do I connect the thread to our current culture? Thought you'd never ask. The "right thing to do" is not synonomous with what is legally permissable. In fact, the two are often very far apart. As proof, if the two were synonymns, lawyers would be the most ethical, moral people in society. Case closed.

So let Mr. K.'s wild ride demonstrate that one of the most important aspects of human behavior and interaction is accountability. You can say and do almost anything you please IF you are willing to bear the consequences, a lesson Mr. K. rejects and may just get away with if his boss does not grow a spine.

Anonymous said...

Bernie said: "Michael, I believe that attemptint to "shout" down a female blogger with sexually derogatory language constitutes sexism. I believe the references to Sam Bennett are sexist as well. They are certainly crude and sexist."

I agree that BTNP's comments were were "sexist" but not for the reasons you state. Isn't the concern about "shouting down" a "female" blogger just a little bit condescending? Doesn't it assume that women are tender flowers who can't hold their own in the blogosphere? I can see how this can be a concern in a real-life encounter, in which physical intimidation and voice volume are factors, but how is that true in the blogosphere?

BTNP's comments were "sexist" because they embodied demeaning, objectifying stereotypes of women-as-sex-machines, not because they might "shout down" LOLV.

(LOLV responded perfectly, by the way, making BTNP look like an impotent bully.)

I am a "sexist" in the sense that, as a man and a father of a daughter, comments like BTNP's make me feel protective towards the female they are directed at. You probably feel the same way.

And, sexism aside, there is no place for such language in civilized conversation. BTNP has let his inner Yahoo come through. Who would want to have this person around his family?

Just some random thoughts prompted by this little imbroglio.

river said...

bernie Kieklak's lowest common denominator is $94,000 a year. call Boscola and ask her why? I have 6 times and still get lip service from the staff. Lisa 610 868 8667 Call call call. If I could lower myself and post blogs like Bernie Kieklak I would, But my septic tank isn't deep enought to get to BK's level. I ask all of you, is Bernie Kieklak the best we can get for $94,000 a year? What has happened to our country!!!

Mike said...

I personally love the blogging costume. You put that costume on and you'll definity be in the mood for blogging. All joking aside sexiest comments are not appropriate by anyone.