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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Embattled Boscola Aide Sheds a Few Crocodile Tears

Bernie Kieklak's sexist and misogynist verbal acrobatics have led to a media feeding frenzy, including a front page news story and a record 2,762 hits on this blog. Yet he rages against the dying of the light. ''Do you think I care?'' That's his response when asked whether his remarks might offend others. Yesterday, he offered his resignation , not as an act of contrition, but because he's a "political liability." "I do not regret a single thing I have ever done in my entire life."

His trips to the confessional must be brief.

Last night, Kieklak, known in Blogistan as BTNP, sent me a few crocodile tears that increasingly became less apologetic.

Apology Version 1

I want to apologize to Sam Bennett for what I said.

I want to apologize to Joe Long for what I said.

I want to apologize to Charlie Dent for what I said.

I want Shawn Mullin to know that I meant every word that I said (because it was all good)!

I want to apologize to any Blogospherian who was even mildly offended by what I posted on your site.

Apology Version 2, a little later that night

The blogosphere was meant to push the limits and do what the mainstream press was afraid to do.

Most blog surfers know when someone's exaggerating for effect and putting on a persona (like with LV Housewife).

But, obviously you really are beholden to what the Morning Call says about your blog. And sensitive to "their standards" of what is acceptable for you to post.

You are a good sheep.

Go for vanilla. That's just what they want you to do.

Be bland, be safe, and be irrelevant for the rest of your life.

Apology Version 3, a lot later that night

Both posts to the women were pure Archie Bunker and everyone knew it but you. And it WAS priceless when she replied (in an innocent voice): "I don't even own any pumps!"

Lisa has personally received far worse e-mails/posts purporting to be "real accounts" of what she allegedly did in public, but neither her nor I ran to press to cry about them. And, if we had, they would not have considered them "news." You ignore idiots and what they say.

You keep writing about Lower Macungie and open records. Pat yourself on the back. What a difference you make.

Beginning to get the impression Kieklak feels this hulabaloo is little more than a nuisance from his inferiors?

He needs to go.

Kieklak's blog persona no different than what he has demonstrated in Harrisburg.

What's even more disturbing, is that Kieklak's most recent tirade is part of a pattern demonstrated long ago, and with Lisa Boscola's complete approval. He had been forced to work for another state senator, but wanted to return badly. So he ran Lisa's chief of staff out of office. His modus operandi? According to a 2001 Morning Call article, a series of stinging and profanity-laced emails.

"You've worked here three goddam weeks and think people should kiss your [expletive]?" ...

"I refuse to be treated like [expletive] by a glorified [expletive] secretary who thinks she can tell me what to do because she has no clue what she, herself, should do as Miss Chiefy."

"I work for the [expletive] Leader. I don't need to talk to you about a [expletive] single thing EVER ..."

Beginning to get the impression that BTNP's blog personality is pretty much the same as the person writing those goofy emails in Boscola's office?

He needs to go.

Update: Notice the haughty disdain a state senate staffer has for a good government measure like open records? It's nice to know that Lisa Boscola is trying to keep a guy who resists reform.


Look Out Lehigh Valley said...

for the record BTNP, my reply to you about having no pumps was my way of playing along with the archie bunker character. I'm not without my own inappropriate sense of humor.

But then I sort of thought about it and the same way I find "ironic racism" to be distastefully making light of problems that are very real and very hurtful to a great many people, I found your comments about Sam to be making a joke that wasn't particularly funny and got even less funny once other people with less wit started chiming in about how "true" your claims were.

Chris Casey said...

LOLV, please email me at ctcasey1961@yahoo.com, I have some questions for you I want to ask off channel.

Unknown said...

New name is Ronald-Yawn-Zee-Zeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I read your blog frequently but only felt compelled to post once before. This Kieklak character really set me off though. How in god's name could Lisa Boscola defend him? For something this nasty not instantly firing him is defending him in my book. I wouldn't defend my own brother for these kind of statements.

I'm an "R" but I guess I'm a moderate "R" because I frequently cross the aisle to vote. I voted for Chris Casey for instance. I might even have voted for Lisa Boscola against Dent whom I actually agree with more often than not. My opinion of her has really dropped.

I think Christmas came very early for Charlie Dent

Bernie O'Hare said...


He's unrepentent.

This is the same modus operandi he used to chase Lisa Boscola's former chief of staff, a woman, away.

He dissed reform efforts like open records.

If Boscola does not can him today when they meet, we should can her.

Anonymous said...

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will be kind enough to email me at larry@kisslinger.com, we can get to know each other better. Thanks for your time and consideration. www.kisslinger.com

Chris Casey said...

Don't hold your breathe larry!LOL
I didn't want to go back and forth over Bernie's blog. I thought I was being polite.

Anonymous said...

That guy in the picture looks like an old picture of Ron Heckman that was doctored. lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Flag Day!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Happy Flag Day to you, too, Larry!

Chris Casey said...

Bernie, the blog police called. we have surpassed the legal amount of times we can use the word "hullabaloo" on a blog in one 72 hour period. we are also rapidly approaching the limit for "Brouhaha." Please be advised, I don't want to get cited.

Anonymous said...

THis guy is a total a-hole.

Archie Bunker? You just don't go on a website and post that a person "gives good head" or post about a young woman you don't know and call her a slut and a pig. Only a-holes do that.

And Boscola receiving PRIVATE email is nowhere near the same as calling out someone on a public blog.

Finally, who sends emails like those to fellow co-workers? No matter how much one might dislike someone, sending emails like that is spineless. What a coward.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think that the reason Boscola does not want to get rid of Kieklak is becuase he knows "where the bodies are buried"?

The rumors of Boscola's drunken antics are well-known. However, for the most part it is just rumor. Does fear of the truth getting out give Boscola reason to stand by Kieklak, or at least appear to stand by him?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 4:40,

It is more likely that she just needs him. For all his flaws, Kieklak is intimately familiar with the inner workings of the land of midnight payraises, and she has relied on him heavily for most of her senatorial career.

I doub't very much there are any deep secrets that Kieklak would ever reveal. He's very loyal to Boscola, and would never knowingly harm her. But he sure harmed her with these disgusting remarks.

Anonymous said...

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Bernie O'Hare said...


That tale about Blackjack Pershing has been dismissed as an urban legend. Sorry, dude. Check out the link.

Anonymous said...

Before you try teaching anyone history, crack open a book and do a little reading yourself. First, familiarize yourself with the Philippine-American war and the Moro rebellion. Any attack would have had more to do with a desire for independence (when Spain ceded us the Philippines, we inherited an ongoing rebellion) and reprisal for America's sometimes brutal tactics in the war, rather than religious fanaticism.

Also, I think that some old-timers in Israel would disagree with you over whether there "was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world" for the next 42 years.

That's not a very good urban legend, to say the least.

Anonymous said...

my concern with this whole mess is the broad brush being used to paint the entire staff. I have had occassion to call the Senator's staff for assistance and have found them to be professional, courteous and pleased to assist me. Many of them I now know by name. To say the least I have never spoken to the individual in question and the Senator should accept his resignation immediately and stand behind the staff that serves her constituents in a way she can be proud.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of the staff but BTNP appears to share the same abrasive personality as Boscola.

Anonymous said...

"Birds of a feather?"