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Monday, June 25, 2007

Congressional Wannabe Sam Bennett: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Now that state senator Lisa Boscola has destroyed any hopes she may have entertained of running for U.S. Congress, it appears increasingly likely that Allentown's Sam Bennett will be the Democratic party's standard bearer in 2008.

Now's her chance to shine in the sun!

So what does she do? Screw up her first financial disclosure. According to The Express Times, her recently filed financial disclosure report claims she has between $150 and $250 million set aside for retirement. "Take three zeros off all of it, and you've got the right answer," her campaign spokesman chuckles.

Congressman Charlie Dent's campaign spokesman, Shawn Millan, isn't laughing. If she can't get her personal finances straight, "What happens when we're talking about the country's budget or budget matters?"

Even the NRCC got into the act. “If Bennett is incapable of filling out one of the most basic disclosure forms necessary to be a candidate, how could she possibly handle the important responsibility of representing the people of Pennsylvania in Washington,” NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger said.

In reality, this is just a minor error, quickly corrected. But Bennett can't afford to make any.

I can see it now. Replays of Bennett's drunken campaign concession speech in Allentown, combined with her adding a few zeros here and there.


Anonymous said...

maybe it wasn't simply putting down 3 extra zeros maybe they wrote down their est of what it would cost for her to beat dent by accident.

Anonymous said...

looks like she will end up as the democratic candidate by default. that means that dems, liberals, labor and other dem supporters will be pressured to waste hundreds of thousands, even millions, in another fruitless attempt to win with a seriously flawed candidate. so stupid.

Tom Foolery said...

Give it a break. Most, if not all, times a candidate doesn't fill out the expense report. Yes, she should have looked it over. Big deal. At least she has the courage to run. Where are all of her challengers?? Why aren't they putting themselves out there? Because they are cowards. It's not fun to run a congressional campaign against someone who has millions of dollars at their disposal to rip your character to shreds..I'm sure all of the anons with no skeletons in their closet are rushing to file their papers to run against her at this moment.
Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Democrats will be searching for a candidate without a history, but both the ladies who may run certainly have name recognition, for what that's worth!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tom Foolery, Like I said, it's a minor error, quickly corrected. But bennett can't afford to make any. Now that Boscola is out of the way, Sam had a chance to put her best foot forward. It will hurt her.

Anonymous said...

The NRCC and Dent's people are going to have a field day exploiting Bennett's many weaknesses, as a candidate and as a person -- and all you Dems will follow along like sheep, just like you always do. And, as always you all work hard to make it just too easy for us. Thanks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:21,

One of my R friends tells me there is only one thing more screwed up than local Dems. Local Rs.

Anonymous said...

Sam Bennett is a very appealing candidate sans her blathering election night defeat. However, what a great triangulator--support from fat cat GOP charlie snelling the 1st time she ran for mayor; a GOPer gone DLC Dem; then a labor liberal organizer in 2004; then a reformer candidate for Mayor. On paper, she may look good, but can u spell Jane Wells Schooley--who actually was brave, courageous and weathered the Blog Master's father's diatribe "she scares the hell out of me".....2008 will be such an easy year for Democrats, that Ms. Bennett may win. However, if Lisa shows courage and refuses to be intimidated, she would win the primary against bennet and general election against charlie. This isnt 1984....

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 10:39,

The way you put it, Bennett doesn't really look all that hot on paper. She looks like an opportunist. And Lisa is toast. The race is over. Your next Congressman is Charlie Dent, who actually is less conservative than Lisa and appears to have a bit more backbone than Bennett.

Your Jane Wells Scooley analogy is quite apt. Many Dems, including my dad, opposed her. And yes, his rallying cry was, "She scares the hell out of me." She may have been a brave warrior, but was a brave warrior who got crushed.

Anonymous said...

It will not hurt Sam. Only you will notice

Anonymous said...

anonn. 10:39

Was that appealing or appaling. She was great in all her races except she lost. I think the point has been made she does the Dem thing where you troot out a proven loser over and over again. There must be a few very competent Dem. officeholders or former officeholders with level heads, no prior arrests, no election night rants, with an education and experience who could run. I really wish the party would reach out. But it is the curse of being a Dem. Bennet 08, and the crowd cheered...YEA.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "the crowd cheered" -- and lost again!

Anonymous said...

That Sam I am, that Sam I am; I do not like that Sam I am.

Do you like adding zeros to you bank account?

I do not like adding zeros to my bank account, Sam I am. I do not misrepresent my financials, Sam I Am.

Would like to add them here or there?

I would not add them here or there. I do not add zeros Sam I Am. I do not misrepresent my financials, Sam I Am

Would you, could you, add them on paper?

I would not could not add them on paper. I would not add them here or there. I do not add zeros Sam I Am. I do no misrepresent financials, Sam I Am.

Would you, could you add them on a computer?

I would not add them on a computer. I would not could not add them on paper. I would not add them here or there. I do not add zeros Sam I am. I do no misrepresent financials, Sam I am.

Would you, could you, vote for Rick Orloski?

Sam I am, Sam I Am, let's save that discussion for another day, Sam I Am!

Bernie O'Hare said...

This is downright hilarous!

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Her run for Congress will be just as hilarious. She will put on a very entertaining show, all sorts of bells and whistles, and then crash and burn, just like she does in every campaign she has ever been in. Seriously, this person ran against, and lost, to the likes of Roy Afflerbach and Ed Pawlowski. She is a Doctor Seuss candidate from the word go. Can't wait to watch this train wreck.

Greendogdem said...

well i'm watching it from the sidelines and simply have better things to do with my time than help a dead fish candidate

Anonymous said...

I was being sarcastic by praising her triangulation. However, her no record is a plus against Dent. She can be all things to all people. A very good strategy to win.

Thank you for aknowledging your pop's bizarre 1984 lament against a great person, Jane Wells Schooley. Thank God it is 2008, almost.

Bernie: Lisa's consultants (i hope not the boob severson) now have a great direct mail piece to Republicans throughout the district..."A top 5 Pennsylvania Blog said'...Congressman Dent is less conservative than Lisa Boscola" Republicans for Boscola paid for this message!!! Yeeehowww!!! Can you say 30% R defection to Lisa, she holds 78% dems and wins independence and we have Congresswoman Lisa....thank u Bernie!!!

Btw according to the ADA, National Journal, AFL-CIO charlie is right wing on bread and butter.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 11:30,

The sins of the father shall not be visited upon the son.

I never really understood why my dad got so worked up about Schooley. But most lawyers hate realtors.

Actually, I'm only #6, not top 5. And only this week.

And let me state this again because I think it is true. Boscola is more conservative than Dent. Dent, although he is a conservative, is probably the most liberal member of congress the 15th district has ever seen. I'm not interested in how something spins. That's his record. I actually have his National Jornal rating as a separate post, where Dent is listed as a centrist.

Lisa's consultant is Tom Severson. I'm sure he's telling her to run and not to worry about the fallout. But she's not an idiot and won't run now. I don't think she was ever serious about running.

But you and I both know the race is now over. Dent is our next Lehigh Valley congressman.

Anonymous said...

Her math is at least as good as the current tenant in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Listed as a centrist in 2006. Do I have to drag out the 2005 rankings again? (and I'm not even going to point out that there was a reason that many of the members of the 109th Congress were voted out of power). I'm waiting for him to compile a record in DC before I'll admit he's the most liberal representative we've ever had. A record he'll no doubt have many years to compile (and will probably prove you right, Bernie. But still, "trust but verify.").

anon 11:30. Dent's team will make sure to define Bennett, or at least force her to define herself. You can't be all things to all people running against a savvy, established, fairly moderate politician like Dent.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon 9:51,

No, you're right. Dent was no centrist in 2005, and the National Journal bears that out. I'd agree it's probably a bit early to be predicting how Dent compares to his predecessors. But I don't think he has to be much more than a right of center centrist to be rated as more liberal as the entire lot, including the Dems we elected. It's sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Bernie: Why is prochoice, pro stemstells and for adding gays to hate crime federal laws (is he sponsoring civil union legislation, repeal of DOMA??) constitute a moderate?

Walters, Rooney and McHale had consistently high AFL CIO ratings and very high ADA ratings.

Dent is near the bottom on workers issues; supports privatization of public education; has not voted to expand CHIPs; has no clue how to ensure all americans health care coverage or access to higher ed.

He is moderate only compared to Ritter and Toomey.

LVDem said...

The RNCC makes a comment about this. I wonder what they said when Jim Gerlach filed his reports that were off by significantly more? My guess... Jim Gerlach is a great person, or something like that.

Misfiled/inaccurate reports are embarassing.

Anonymous said...

To Tom Foolery...be real, Tom. The reason no Tom, Dick, or Harry off the street doesn't run is because they have the brains to realize they don't belong doing the job. They realize how important representation is to the people of this state and are leaving it up to someone that has the ability, is more qualified, has better exposure and understanding instead. My vote is very precious. It may only be one...but it might just matter. 46 did when Bennett failed at a Mayoral run. Mine was one of those 46...guaranteed. Bennett has demonstrated her ability and honesty in her POM scams...over and over; her pay grab, lieing about not being on the committee to set her salary (was she ushering in drinks for the other two committee members while discussing the salary, or what?), and then cutting her salary instead of trying to justify it like any good candidate would. Not to mention the fiasco of a financial problem she left Mayfair in in the past. Is this the candidate YOU want to represent us in our Congress? In my opinion, it takes a good business person to be effective in office. Bennett has not shown those qualities...not even close. Bill Hall gets my vote so far.